“Strip Down, Facing Me!”

Credit Card_1

Fortunately, given the only alternative, I continue my sojourn through this life aging less than gracefully.  My hearing is getting worse particularly regarding higher frequencies (like soft female voices), my comprehension a little slower, and my reaction time continues to degrade.

That said, I refuse to be a victim and thus I got my concealed carry permit yesterday. In the afternoon, I went over to a local gun shop to get a shotgun and do some research on what handgun I would like to get for personal protection (the 12 gauge semi-auto is for home protection, to hell with Joe Biden, TURD).

When I was ready to pay for the shotgun and ammo I shuffled over to the check out area.  Once there the winsome cashier looked me over and said, “Strip down, facing me.” Being a Life Member I made a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control wackos running amok even in sporting goods stores. I then proceeded to do just as she instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out she was referring to how I should place my credit card in the card reader!!!  I later learned the ‘TSA’ on her name badge was just her initials.

As a reasonably intelligent senior citizen, I do not get flustered often. But this time, it took me a while to get my pants back on.  I’ve been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

I tell you, they do need to make their instructions to seniors a little more clear. Yet I still don’t think I looked that bad standing there as I had a long gun not one of them sub-compacts.

Jeb Bush, Polling Fifth at 4.6% “Feels Much Better Back Here”, and Obviously, Jeb, So Do We Re: You.


According to Real Clear Politics John Ellis (Jeb) Bush only led in the Republican 2016 primary polls from June 20, 2015 through July 18, 2015 when Trump took over the lead.  Jeb has been on a downward slide in the polls ever since and is currently polling 4.6% (Fox News: 3%, PPP: 7%, ABC/Wash Post: 5%, Monmouth: 3%, NBC/WSJ: 7%, CBS/NY Times: 3%, and USA Today: 4%).  So for almost one month, at the beginning of summer, he was in the lead in the Republican primary race for the Presidency.  His highest polling at that time showed him at only 17.8%, nothing to crow about.

In December 20th, 2015, Pam Key wrote the following Breitbart.com article entitled “Jeb: I hated Being The Front-Runner – ‘I Feel Much Better Back Here'”:

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said he “hated” being his party’s presidential nomination front-runner.

Host John Dickerson said, “Six months ago, people thought you were the front-runner–”

Bush said, “I hated that.”

Dickerson asked, “You hated being the front-runner?”

Bush said, “I feel much better back here.”

Dickerson said, “Why did you hate being the front-runner?”

Bush said, “Well because I’ve always thought that there was going to be a high expectation for me, and I totally get it … because I have brother that was president, a father that was president. That higher expectation was important to realize. And so being a front-runner made me feel like the people are going to begin to say, ‘Your guy is just dancing like through this.’ I have to go earn it. I have higher expectations on me than people have on me. So it doesn’t bother me a bit that the expectations are higher. I want to win which mean that you garner momentum when it matters. So, I feel good about where we are right now.”

Who is this clown kidding?  Ellis obviously ‘Thinks U R Dumb’!