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President Trump to Speak at NRA Annual Convention

Aside of my bashing Trump for some of the things he has been doing militarily and regarding Obozocare, he has been a friend of the Second Amendment.  Thank you for that!  Now how about supporting the GOA (Gun Owners of America), a much more politically astute organization than the NRA who have become too entrenched.

From dated 4/15/2017 by AWR Hawkins entitled, “Donald Trump to Be First President Since Reagan to Speak at NRA Annual Meetings“:

President Donald Trump will be the first President to speak at the NRA Annual Meetings since Ronald Reagan did it in 1983.

He will speak to the NRA’s 2017 Leadership Forum in Atlanta on April 28.

Breitbart News reported that the NRA endorsed Trump on May 20, 2016, during the 2016 Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. Thereafter, the NRA campaigned for Trump, and Trump reminded voters again and again that he would work with the NRA to save the Second Amendment if elected.

Trump will now return to speak to the gun rights group that cheered him to victory last year. Bloomberg reports that this will make him “the first U.S. president to address the gun-rights group since Ronald Reagan in 1983.”

Trump’s speech to the NRA will occur two months to the day after he signed a repeal of Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban which would have allowed the Social Security Administration to strip beneficiaries of the Second Amendment rights without due process. The speech also comes nearly two months after his Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, ended an Obama-era ban against using lead ammunition on federal lands.

On April 13, 2017, Breitbart News reported that the Trump administration has been quietly rolling back other Obama-era gun controls behind the scenes. McClatchy reported that federal agencies have “narrowed the definition of ‘fugitive,’” thereby limiting the number of people prohibited from gun possession because they are included in a fugitive database. Trump “officials have also signaled that they may no longer defend the Army Corps of Engineers’ ban on carrying loaded firearms and ammunition on federal lands.”

Trump’s greatest pro-Second Amendment accomplishment was nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and securing his confirmation. Trump had promised to use SCOTUS to save the Second Amendment from “people like Hillary Clinton,” and Gorsuch is widely viewed as a fulfillment of that promise.

Tennessee House Democrat Caucus Leader Mike Stewart (D-52) Makes a Felony Straw Purchase of an AK-47

Why wasn’t Stewart apprehended on the spot?  For a ‘citizen’ to do the same stunt would land them in jail with a felony charge.  A straw purchase is where a TURD buys a gun with the sole intent to sell it to someone else, including a child (otherwise why the cookies and lemonade?)  Not only did Stewart make a straw purchase but then he sets up a ‘lemonade stand’ without proper licensing!  TN Rep. Stewart is not only a scofflaw but also a TURD.  Tennessee, what the hell are you thinking by electing this TURD?

For the video of the 48 minutes see the original post or  Note how Stewart has to keep touching his gun, does this boy also have a ‘phallic’ problem or what?  Mike Stewart, double TURD.


From dated 4/5/2017 by AWR Hawkins entitled, “TN Dem Sets Up Stand to Prove It’s Easy to Sell a Gun, No One Buys Gun

On April 5, Tennessee Democrats tweeted a video of House Democratic Caucus leader Mike Stewart (D-52) trying to prove how easy it is to sell a gun by offering an AK-47 for sale at a lemonade stand. The video ran just over 48 mins and no one bought the gun.

The video opens with Stewart sitting behind the stand with the gun lying by pitchers of lemonade and packages of cookies. He says he bought the gun from a private seller, and universal background checks are needed so that “terrorists, people on the terrorist watch list, and felons” cannot privately purchase “a military-quality weapon.”

He offers the gun for sale for $700 but says he will take $100 off the price if a would-be buyer agrees to undergo a background check first. Stewart then sits for a little over 48 minutes so the cameras can catch the ah-ha moment: the private sale of a gun at a lemonade stand.

It never happens. Moreover, WKRN reports that no one bought his lemonade or cookies either.

A few points need to be made. First, when Stewart suggests that the passage of yet another law will prevent felons from acquiring guns, he is suggesting universal background checks can do what all other gun laws have failed to do — that they can curtail the criminal drive of felons who are willing to break laws to obtain firearms. In so doing, he ignores the fact that felons already face a 100 percent ban on gun possession.

Secondly, when Stewart suggests universal background checks will keep terrorists from acquiring guns, he ignores the fact that France has universal background checks, yet the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo headquarters and killed 12 innocents on January 7, 2015, were heavily armed. And on November 13, 2015, universal background checks did not prevent terrorists from gunning down 130 innocents in cold blood during a concert in Paris.

Lastly, Stewart suggests universal background checks will keep “people on the terror watch list” from getting guns. Democrats who make this argument ignore the fact that the June 12, 2016, terror attack at Orlando Pulse was carried out by someone who was not on the terror watch list. And the attackers who killed 14 co-workers in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015, were not on the list either.

So what happens when you pass a new law to include the watch list, yet latent terrorists (i.e., would-be terrorists with no criminal or mental health record) legally acquire guns and use those guns on innocents? What new laws will Stewart want to place on the backs of law-abiding citizens then?

Thank you, NM State Representative Eliseo Alcon (D)

From by Dean Weingarten dated 3/20/2017 entitled, “NM: “Universal Background Checks” Stopped in New Mexico Legislature”

New Mexico State House | New Mexico Democrats

A legislative committee on Monday effectively killed a bill to expand background checks for gun purchases — an issue that drew large crowds to the Capitol as well as big campaign contributions and intense lobbying and advertising.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 7-6 to table House Bill 548 after a lengthy hearing. It marked the defeat of the most recent gun-control bill sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, D-Los Alamos.

Democrat Eliseo Alcon of Milan joined the six Republicans on the panel to stop the measure, which would have required background checks on all sales of firearms at gun shows and from advertisements on the internet or print publications.
Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund spent $250,000 in New Mexico elections in 2016.

From  In total, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund spent more than $250,000 during the 2016 election in New Mexico.

The NRA only spent $10K in 2016, but spent $44,377 in 2017 opposing the current gun control scheme in New Mexico. The money went to buy Internet ads to oppose the “Universal Background Check” measures.

Representative Eliseo Alcon of Milan did not receive any money from Everytown or from the NRA in 2016. Eliseo, who is called “Lee” by friends and supporters, is a disabled Vietnam veteran. He was a judge before being elected to the legislature. Milan is a small town of 3,600 people that is located about half way between Albuquerque and the Arizona border.

32 of 33 New Mexico Sheriffs opposed the legislation. From  Opponents say the regulations wouldn’t actually deter criminals, who would just ignore them, and merely inconvenience law-abiding citizens. Sheriffs across New Mexico have turned out to oppose the legislation and say it wouldn’t have prevented Webster’s death because dangerous criminals will still find a way to get firearms.

New Mexico is moderately gun friendly state that leans Democrat. It is also a mostly rural state that does not like to be pushed around by out of state interests. Democrats hold majorities in both houses. Second Amendment supporters count on rural Democrats like Representative Eliseo Alcon, to honor their oath to support the Constitution.

The Problem Lies In the Details, DOH, 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals!

From dated 2/17/2017 entitled, “Federal Court Rules Florida Doctors Can Ask Patients About Guns“:

A federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that Florida doctors can talk to patients about gun safety, declaring a law aimed at restricting such discussions a violation of the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the law does not trespass on patients’ Second Amendment rights to own guns and noted a patient who doesn’t want to be questioned about that can easily find another doctor.

“The Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms does not preclude questions about, commentary on, or criticism for the exercise of that right,” wrote Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan in one of two majority opinions covering 90 pages. “There is no actual conflict between the First Amendment rights of doctors and medical professionals and the Second Amendment rights of patients.”

Circuit Judge William Pryor, who was a finalist in President Donald Trump’s search for a Supreme Court nominee, said in a separate concurring opinion that the First Amendment must protect all points of view.

“The promise of free speech is that even when one holds an unpopular point of view, the state cannot stifle it,” he wrote. “The price Americans pay for this freedom is that the rule remains unchanged regardless of who is in the majority.”



The problem is that your electronic medical record (EMR) is far from secure and if any government agency wants to see it do you think your doctor is going to stand in the way?  Just like SSA did re: our veterans who had trouble with handling their finances.  Some damn bureaucrat raises their head above the trenches and declares anyone with such and such on the EMR cannot own guns or lollipops or whatever.  Trump vacated the ruling re: our vets.  When do you think we are going to get another Trump to vacate further abuses of our EMR?

Bottom line, if I’m asked by my doctor(s) re: guns, I will simply get up and walk out the door without saying a word.  Problem is, good docs (medically) are hard to find.  The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is wrong because of how the information can, and will, be used by government!  Using such information without proper adjudication must be deemed illegal, but good luck with that.


California Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), TURD

Democrat Pushes to Expand ‘Secret’ Gun Confiscations in California

California Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) is pushing to expand firearm confiscations by allowing co-workers and others to file a complaint that sets the “secret” confiscation process in motion.

The confiscations are tied to Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs), which were passed by CA Democrats following Elliot Rodger’s May 23, 2014 Santa Barbara attack. GVROs were touted as a vehicle through which families could petition a court for the seizure of guns from a family member. With order in hand, police could confiscate firearms from the family member without notice.

The GVROs were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown (D) on October 1, 2014 and became effective January 1, 2016. Assemblyman Ting is now pushing AB 2607 to expand GVROs so co-workers, employers, teachers, and others, can petition a court to have the “secret” confiscations ordered.

In an April 27 press release, the Firearms Policy Coalition observed:

[Ting’s] bill massively expands a controversial law that has only been in place for 4 months. At present, current law permits family members and peace officers to petition a court, in secret, in order to restrain an individual from possessing firearms. AB 2607 compounds this measure by adding, to the list of qualified petitioners, employers, coworkers, mental health workers, and employees of a secondary or postsecondary school.

This would add thousands of people (including complete strangers) to the list of people who could petition a court to restrain a person from possessing firearms, triggering a warrant and armed law enforcement raids—without trial, conviction, or opportunity to defend oneself before a court.

Expanding the “secret” confiscation process to include teachers will have a chilling effect on gun owners who may not agree with a professor’s point of view at the university, but refuse to speak up for fear of having their gun rights suspended. In the same way, gun owners with treatable mental health problems may be tempted to stay away from caregivers in order to insure the uninterrupted continuation of their right to keep and bear arms.

Hildabeast Has a Damn Good Idea?

First lets acknowledge that Hildabeast, even if elected, would not be able to become president because she would not be able to take the oath of office.  The oath of office states: “I,  Hildabeast, do solemnly affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Hildabeast obviously wishes to strip us of our God given right to self protection (see below and listen to most any of her speeches) and would not support nor defend the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  Thus if she were to mouth the above words she would obviously have mental reservation and be evading the truth of her convictions of being an anti-constitutionalist.  Knowing how honest she has been in her other dealings, I know she would therefore not take the oath and not take the office of the President of the United States.  Right?!?  Oh, you mean you think the bitch TURD would prevaricate again?  Does not the phrase, Hildabeast Klinton, President of the United States, make you break out in a cold sweat (don’t think about it before going to bed or you’ll never get to sleep).

One other point I would like to make, other than politicians are TURDs (damn few Statesmen left, and you want a Constitutional Convention?  You must be mad!).  Anyway, one other point is that Hildabeast wants to hold gun manufacturers and sellers liable for the criminal misuse of their products.  With that logic other manufacturers we could hold liable would be knife manufacturers, car manufacturers, drug manufacturers, manufacturers of pesticides and poisons, chemical manufacturers, any type of vehicle (not just autos), food which could contribute to obesity and complications thereof, etc.  Obviously we would quickly be thrown back into the stone age with attorneys as the 1%.

Come to think of it, by passing laws that harm people we could hold politicians liable for the results of those laws and their actions!  Wow, if only Hildabeast had been around earlier to champion these laws thus making it illegal for Stalin to hill 20 million, Hitler to kill 11 million non-combatants, Mao to kill 65 million, Khmer Rouge 2 million, etc.  But wait, it is not just one man’s doing, they had to have surrogates who carried out the policies which lead to the killings thus we could sue government for all the evil it/they have perpetrated upon ‘the people’!

Hmm, maybe I will be voting for the Hildabeast after all.  She has a great idea.  Doing away with herself and her cronies!  And that would take us back to a minimalist government much like we had at the founding of our nation.  Now of course that brings up the point that if the people murdered above had had weapons they could not have been slaughtered by their government!!  Maybe the Founding Fathers, even if they were only sexist, male crackers, had a damn good point and just maybe were far smarter than the TURDs who criticize them.

Hildebeast 2

From dated 03/13/2016 by AWR Hawkins entitled, “Democrat Town Hall: Hillary Clinton Says More Gun Control the Answer to Gang-Related Gun Violence“:

HIllary was responding to comments from questioner Vashitta Johnson, who talked about a seven-year-old boy being killed and his five-year-old and four-year old siblings being wounded in a gang-related attack. The questioner was clear: “This incident was actually a gang-related retaliation shooting.” She also mentioned a shooting in which another five-year-old was shot while lying in his bed, then asked, “What programs would you implement in poverty-stricken communities in this country in an effort to decrease this type of violence?”

Clinton then responded to the question of gang-related violence in the same way she has responded to any question about guns throughout this campaign cycle. She claimed “90 people a day are killed by guns in our country,” and she said “a shocking number of those killed are children.” She then pushed for “comprehensive background checks” — the same types of background checks they have in California, Colorado, and Paris — and called for “[cracking] down on the makers and sellers of guns.”

She said gun makers have to be held “accountable for the use of their products.”

A few points need to be made here. Number one, Breitbart News previously reported that Clinton’s claims that “90 people a day are killed by guns” in America is baseless. She literally adds suicides into “gun violence” numbers to swell firearm-related deaths by 66 percent. This opens the door for her to talk about “33,000” Americans killed by guns each year — as she did Sunday night — instead of looking at the approximate 10,000 to 11,000 Americans killed annually via firearm-related aggression, much of which is the kind of gang-related violence witnessed in Chicago and other cities with strict gun control.

On top of this, Clinton pushes for “comprehensive background checks,” which are the very checks that are already in place in California, Colorado, and Paris — the locations of the most high-profile mass shootings and/or shooting sprees that occurred October through December of 2015. Three were shot and killed on Halloween Day 2015 in Colorado Springs, 130 were shot and killed during the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, three were shot at killed at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs on November 27, and 14 were shot and killed in San Bernardino on December 2. Comprehensive backgrounds were not even a hindrance to these attacks.

And Clinton’s suggestion that we should hold gun manufacturers and sellers liable for the criminal misuse of their products is simply a recipe for eliminating gun manufacturers and sellers in America. How long would knife makers last if held liable for the criminal misuse of their products? How long would hammer makers, baseball bat manufacturers, or car companies last?

This is why Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) warned of the dangers of Clinton’s approach during the previous Democratic debate, when he said that if we start going after gun companies whose products are sold “to a person who buys it legally, what you’re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America.”

Hildabeast Klinton, Most Exalted TURD

The Premier Gun Salesman for Seven Straight Years Sheds a Tear

Barack Hussein Obama, TURD

Obama once said, “Part of this job is also the theater of it” and that’s “not something that always comes naturally to me.”

Crocodille Tears_2

And ‘bama’s butt buddy, Rahm once said…

Based on ‘bama’s historical sincerity and concern for Americans, the croc-o-tear he shed must have been for the U.S. Constitution and for  those who will die because they are unable to defend themselves based on his latest executive gun grab attempt.