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ALL Utah U.S. Representatives Vote Affirmative on Obama/Ryan 2015 Omnibus Spending Bill

The citizens of Utah and their progeny are being played for fools by their elected U.S. “Representatives”.  These “Representatives” are supposed to be, at least in part, the fiscal guardians of Utah’ s and the US’s fiscal future.  Instead these TURDs have placed further controls over us, have put us and our progeny further in debt, and given Obama and his ilk all they asked for in voting ‘Yes’ on the 2015 Omnibus Spending Bill.  Here are the Utah TURDs:

Utah U.S. “Representative” Chris Stewart, TURD
Utah U.S. “Representative” Jason Chaffetz, TURD
Utah U.S. “Representative” Mia Love, TURD
Utah U.S. “Representative” Rob Bishop, TURD

Chris Stewart TURD_1 Jason Chaffetz TURD_1 Mia Love TURD_1 (2) Rob Bishop TURD_1

If you have been on another planet recently and did not get the basics of the Omnibus Spending Bill, please check out, “Paul Ryan Betrays America: $1.1 Trillion, 2,000-Plug Page Omnibus Bill Funds ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’” by Stephen K. Bannon and Julia Hahn on 12/16/2015 from BreitBart.com.

Any guesses on which of the TURDs even read the bill?  ‘None’ would be the correct answer.

To check and see if your Representative Thinks U R Dumb.  Here is the list of Republican U.S. Representatives who voted for the Bill:


The above list is from “Sad: Here’s the list of all 150 GOP members who voted YES on the spending bill” by Michele Hickford on 12/18/2015 from AllenBWest.com.