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Danny DeVito Says All Americans are “a bunch of racists”

It is interesting to note that when a public figure becomes irrelevant that they seek notoriety in an endeavor to regain another 15 minutes.  Sorry Danny, but you have no clue as to what Americans are.  This ‘White Guilt’ crap has gone on long enough and for too many, there will be no end in promoting it.  That said, DeVito can certainly speak of the mind set of Hollywood and since they are predominantly leftist racists, maybe he has a point regarding his cohorts.

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From wnd.com dated 1/25/2016 by Cheryl Chumley entitled, “‘Taxi’ Star: Americans ‘A Bunch of Racists’:

Hollywood’s Danny DeVito, weighing in on the Oscar flap that’s resulted from the all-white nominations, said in an interview from the Sundance Film Festival in Utah that he’s not surprised because the entire country is racist, and so are all Americans.