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Hollywood TURDs

Let’s see how this works.  Trump stirs up a portion of the populace to some real (IMHO) issues like illegal immigration (open borders), the influx of Muslims, the anti-police vitriol (some certainly deserved), downward spiraling race relations, and trade inequalities engendered by the so called ‘free trade’ agreements, including TPP.

These are real issues and we, America in general, are getting screwed.  Thus the portion of the population who are at least semi-informed come out in force supporting Trump at peaceful (albeit with charged rhetoric, 1st Amendment!) rallies.  The Left (including many Dems), the GOPe, and those seeking one world governance feel threatened and send their useful idiots to disrupt Trump rallies and sponsor violence.  Then the above and their toddies in the media blame Trump and his supporters for the mayhem.  Obviously Trump’s opponents are simply adding increased credence to Trump’s rhetoric  and are themselves unmitigated TURDs.

Examples of TURDs generally associated with Hollywood who Tweeted disapprovingly of Trump rather than the useful idiots:

Hollywood Liberals 1

Russell Simmons, TURD
George Lopez, TURD
Josh Groban, TURD
Demi Lovato, TURD
Billy Eichner, TURD
Sarah Silverman, TURD
Tom Green, TURD
Michael Ian Black, TURD
Jeffrey Wright, TURD
Lenny Jacobson, TURD
Sinbad, TURD
John Legend, TURD
and what such list wouldn’t be complete without Cher, TURD.

Other than the Atlas Shrugged series I have not been to the theater in years and seldom watch Hollywood produced TV.  My self imposed expulsion seems amply rewarded.