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“They trust me” said Zuckerberg. “Dumb f*cks.” Zuckerberg, TURD

Glenn Beck has been a TURD for years.  He is always trying to change his public persona into the flavor of the month.  Cruz, IF he is “conservative”, made a huge mistake letting this TURD try and reflect his views.  Beck attaches himself to the power person of the month.  Now he’s Zuckerberg’s butt buddy.  Enjoy the ride, Beck, TURD!

Glenn Beck Lavishes Praise on Mark Zuckerberg, Attacks Fellow Conservatives

By Allum Bokhari dated 5/19/016  from Breitbart.com.


Glenn Beck 2

Surprising no-one, Glenn Beck, after joining the recent conservative delegation to Facebook, has defended the social network and its progressive CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, while attacking fellow conservatives for being too demanding of the company.

It’s unclear if he’s gunning for a role in their PR department in the wake of The Blaze’s financial difficulties, but even if he isn’t, it’s hard to tell the difference. He’s written a post on Medium as well as his own personal website, given an interview to TIME, and appeared on his own syndicated talk radio show to defend the social network.

In his post on Medium, whose CEO he met before flying down to Facebook’s sprawling headquarters in his private jet, Beck attacked conservatives who suggested more political diversity in Facebook’s staff. Astonishingly, he accused fellow conservatives who attended the meeting of staging a “Salem Witch Trial” against the company. If that wasn’t enough, Beck also appears to have swallowed Mark Zuckerberg’s argument that the company never discriminated against conservatives.

“I was convinced that Facebook is behaving appropriately and trying to do the right thing” wrote Beck. “They were humble, open, and listened intently to everyone in the room.”

He didn’t stop with one Medium article either. Beck is now talking to the media on behalf of Facebook, giving an interview to TIME in which he again defended the company’s trustworthiness.

“Not one time did I get a sense that they were saying these things to get this off their back. I think they’re sincere” said Beck “Mark [Zuckerberg] looks a man in the eye the entire time. I watched him carefully.”

In addition to maintaining good eye contact, Zuckerberg has also promised the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, that he would tackle allegedly “hateful” criticism of immigration on his platform. His company is openly working with the German government – who hired an ex-Stasi agent to monitor Facebook for anti-immigration rhetoric – to quash dissidents to Merkel’s disastrous immigration policies.

In other words, the man who just convinced Glenn Beck that Facebook won’t suppress conservatives, is already suppressing conservatives. But what do you expect? This is the same man who once called his early users “dumb f*cks” for trusting him with their personal data.

But still, at least he maintains eye contact!

But anyway, enough analysis of Zuck. We all know his history by now. Instead, let’s focus on what his new conservative puppy has to say:

I know I will be blasted by people for my position on this.I will be called a sellout. I will be accused of taking money or cowering for fear of retribution.

Not necessarily. Glenn’s critics might just consider him superhumanly gullible. That’s certainly the impression he gave off on his The Blaze TV show, where he appeared to be awestruck both by being in the presence of Mark Zuckerberg, and by the impressiveness of Facebook’s headquarters.

Mark Zuckerberg walks in and the first thing that you’ll think about when you’re sitting … I was right across the table from Mark.

He’s a very small man and … he honestly looks like he’s 12. That’s one thing, I looked across the table and I’m like “you look so young and so healthy and like you just got off your skateboard” and you’re like “yeah but I have more money than probably everybody in your state.”

Everyone was there – Dana Perino was up on the roof of the Facebook building which is just an incredible building, this is their executive offices and it was… it was… it’s an amazing building!

Perhaps he was too busy getting Zuck’s autograph and looking through the HQ’s big glass windows to notice Facebook lacked transparency where it actually mattered – at the meeting itself. When he did find out, he wasn’t that bothered by it.

Now, no one can make direct quotes, that was deal going into the room, Facebook’s deal. You can’t quote us directly and nobody can quote us in the room. You can talk about what you felt and what you heard, but it’s your opinion; let’s not throw everybody under the bus. So – I think that’s good and I think that’s fair. So let’s do that.
Once again, Beck is being much nicer to Facebook than he is to his fellow conservatives. In fact, in his TIME interview, he was happy to give Facebook a favourable comparison to Republican voters — who he is apparently still angry with over their decision to nominate Donald Trump despite his tireless fasting and Cheeto-bowl stunts. 
That was what was so impressive yesterday at Facebook. They said to us the exact opposite of what it feels like to a conservative that the media and even the Republican Party have said. The Republican Party has said: “Conservatives, you don’t belong here. And we’re not really listening.” 
Unlike the Republicans – who, of course, committed the moral sin of nominating Donald Trump – Beck is a huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg. Speaking on his show on The Blaze, he said: 
You’re a little shocked at how young he looks, but the most important thing is he makes eye contact with everyone. If you’re talking, he’s staring dead into your eyes. If he’s talking to you, dead into your eyes. And it’s a little disconcerting at times because he’s not flamboyant so he has very few movements as he’s speaking and you can almost tell he’s using all of his energy for the gears in his head. As he’s listening to you know he’s making a thousand judgements on what you’re saying. He’s really listening…  REALLY impressive guy. 
I was impressed that he actually listened. And I though he was extraordinarily genuine, as was everybody on the board that he picked
This is, of course, the same Mark Zuckerberg who wants German-style immigration policies in the U.S, and reprimanded employees for supporting “All Lives matter.” Still better than Trump-supporting Republicans in Beck’s eyes!
And even non-Trump supporting conservatives, it would seem. Beck also turned his fire on fellow members of the conservative delegation to Facebook who suggested that the company seek out a broader range of political perspectives in its staff. 
It was like affirmative action for conservatives. When did conservatives start demanding quotas AND diversity training?. 

What happened to us? When did we become them? When did we become the people who demand the Oscars add black actors based on race?

In other words, Beck is a “conservative” who’s fine with the dominant social network on the planet being staffer entirely by hyper-progressives. Beck argues that it’s their right as a private entity — and he is, of course, correct. But just because they have the right to do it doesn’t imply that they should — or that they shouldn’t face a backlash from users, stakeholders, and investors.

Without knowing what was said at the meeting, it’s impossible to know what was promised to Beck and other conservatives in order to make them so docile. Facebook has promised nothing other than an internal investigation, and granted conservatives nothing but a PR-focused, behind-closed-doors meeting.

The attendees seem to have focused entirely on the trending news controversy, and ignored Facebook’s year-long track record of open censorship in Europe. They’ve also ignored Zuckerberg’s overtures to the Chinese government, which doesn’t bode well for free speech on the platform. And they’ve ignored the reports of critics of immigration in the U.S, who report widespread difficulties on Facebook.

Once again, it’s worth returning to Mark Zuckerberg’s famous comments about his original social media users, at Harvard:

“They trust me” said Zuckerberg. “Dumb f*cks.”

Mark Levin, Watch Who You Get In Bed With, Beck Obviously Has Cooties And Other Major Problems

I stopped listening to Mark Levin about four years ago when he came out and supported a Constitutional Convention.  Levin claims that a ConCon can be controlled so that only certain aspects of the Constitution would be modified (like term limits).  Yes, that worked out well for the first ConCon, didn’t it Levine?  Not to mention that we sure do have a lot of statesmen the caliber of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, et. al. just waiting for a chance at the Constitution.  In reality it is more akin to Alinskies, Fascists, New World Order, etc. totalitarians.   Since you cannot be that ignorant Levin you must be a shill for those who wish to subvert our existing Constitution.  Which, by the way, is the only thing keeping us from becoming a Fascist state.  Without the 2nd Amendment you better be ready to use them because you are going to lose them.

Mark Levin 1

Levin has now come out supporting Glenn Beck.  I have posted regarding Beck numerous times.  The guy is a total loon and now Levin is getting into bed with him.  Levine says he does not like the bullies attacking Beck, so Big Brother Levin to the rescue.  If you have heard Beck lately, it’s going to have to be one heck of a rescue (more akin to an intervention I think).  Beck is committing social suicide, we just report.  You two deserve each other.  Listen to their tripe at your own and your country’s peril.

BTW, you guys, the Miami Vice look really dates you two.

Mark Levin, TURD for sur!

Hopefully Glenn Beck Rides His White Jackass Into The Sunset

Having been raised LDS, I have heard the ‘White Horse Prophecy’ since childhood yet the so-called ‘White Horse Prophecy’ is based on accounts that have not been substantiated by historical research and is certainly NOT embraced as Church doctrine by the existing leadership.  Beck, by spouting his tripe, is going against the Church leadership and is also NOT doing Ted Cruz any favors.

Ted, for God’s sake, get this madman, Glenn Beck, to stop campaigning for you.  Beck has alienated far more voters than he has brought over to your campaign.

To those Mormons who insist on listening to Beck I would admonish you to research what your Church leadership is counseling, not the false doctrine a loose canon is expounding.  Certainly support the Constitution and yes it teeters precariously but it has for years, there is no guarantee that NWO Cruz will ‘save it’ and Trump won’t, and it will not be “saved” by holding a ConCon, which is promoted by way too many of you.  Do not follow this mad man Beck into his self-styled world of insanity.

From thegatewaypundit.com by Jim Hoft dated 03/21/2016 entitled, “Glenn Beck Bashes Christians for Voting Trump: “Evangelicals Have Not Been Listening to Their God“.

“Utah has an incredible opportunity. So many Christians have been standing up. But all throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God. Let us raise a standard in Utah.”

Beck is a total fraud.  Follow his admonition at your own peril.

Glenn Beck, TURD … but we already knew that.

Glenn Beck, TURD, once again

Glenn Beck 1

Back a few posts I asked, “What is the difference between Jesus Christ and Glenn Beck?”  I will now have to rephrase that, “What is the difference between God and Glenn Beck?”

Frankly, I don’t know as God has never spoken to me but apparently Glenn Beck has a direct line and has the temerity to speak for him.  Who would have thunk.  Apparently God is taking our Supreme Court Justices (Scalia) to “wake us up”.  If so, Yo God!, you might want to consider Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagan and if you’re in the mood, Breyer.  …just saying.

Glenn Beck, making a living out of being a TURD.

Speaking in the voice of the heavenly father, Beck told his audience, “You’re welcome. I just woke the American people up. I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, look at how close your liberty is to being lost.”

Do You Know the Difference between Jesus Christ and Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck 1

Jesus Christ didn’t think he was Glenn Beck.

From Breitbart.com by MICHELLE FIELDS dated 2/11/2016 entitled, “Glenn Beck on Trump’s Christian Faith: ‘Biggest Crock Of Bullcrap I’ve Ever Herad’“.  I suppose that means Beck does not listen to his own freak show?  This from a man who wears ‘magic underware’, is a member of a religion that most would define as ‘Non-Christian’, follows the writings of a womanizing, gold doser, who translates ancient writings by looking into a hat with rocks in it, and who himself is the biggest hypocrite and liar.

Glenn Beck, TURD!