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There is Nothing More Politically Vulgar, Not Even Trump, Than the GOPe and the Way They Have Lied To and Stolen From the People and Subverted the U.S. Constitution

I have previously blogged regarding Cruz and his wife being in bed (figuratively) with the shrubs.  Prior to that I really wanted to like Cruz due to his demonstrated support of the 2nd Amendment and his supposed adherence to our Constitution.  But with Jeb Bush’s endorsement today it just further cements the relationship between Cruz and the GOP Establishment (GOPe).  I can confidently say that as I oppose the GOPe (I know and have seen what they have done to America) that I will never vote for Cruz.  Trump has his warts (again figuratively) but in my mind he is the better Republican candidate to turn American away from our slide into mediocrity promulgated, in part, by the GOPe.

Cruz No 5

Aside: I find it incredulous that Bernie got 80 percent of the Utah Democrat vote and Cruz received 69 percent of the Republican vote.  Kasich even out polled Trump 17 to 15 percent.  All I can say is thank God for Arizona!  It certainly reinforces in my mind that the average Utah voter is brain dead.  Rather than calling themselves Utahans it should be more akin to being Utards.  End Aside.

According to AP.org dated 3/23/2016 by Steve Peoples entitled, “Cruz Embraces Bush’s Endorsement, Says He Can Defeat Clinton“:

Ted Cruz embraced Jeb Bush’s endorsement on Wednesday and claimed he could build a broad coalition capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the fall – if only he can climb past the surging Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump.


Bush, the former Florida governor once considered a mainstream Republican powerhouse, dropped out of the contest in February after weak showings in early primaries. “Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has shown he can unite the party,” he tweeted. Bush added on his Facebook page that Republicans “must overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena” or risk losing to Clinton.


To my mind, there is nothing more vulgar than the GOPe and the way they have lied to and stolen from the people.  The only problem is that the people have been too complacent, this REVOLT against the GOPe should have taken place years ago!  It certainly is NOW or NEVER.

GOPe (GOP Elite): Get Your Heads Out!

Uncle Ted boils it down for the GOPe.  More could be added but Ted cites a litmus list of things that the GOP should be addressing but simply ARE NOT!  And then the GOPe get all uppity because the people are fed up?  I suggest that Trump, and to a much lesser extent, Cruz are the safety valves for the people to let off steam.  For as they say, as the people get fed up it’s first the mail box, then ballot box, and then the ammo box (or quiver).  I certainly hope that Trump does not turn out to be worse than we have now and will actually start to turn things around.  If not …


Uncle Ted hits the bullseye!

From wnd.com by Ted Nugent dated 3/10/2016 entitled, “GOP ELITE: GET YOUR HEADS OUT!

Here, let the guitar player help. You know I’m here to help, right? Tell me you have faith in the old MotorCity Madman when I tell you that I sincerely want to resuscitate the fumbling, bumbling, stumbling, staggering, stammering, gagging, ailing, deaf, dumb and blind GOP and help lead them back on track to self-evident truth, logic, common sense, accountability and that good old long ago GOP American Way.

I could start by slapping you Republican goofballs upside the head with the embarrassing reality that you haven’t done jack-diddly to eliminate the obscene government thievery of the death tax, the criminal education fiasco, the nonstop invasion of illegals through our non-borders, the mind-dazzling runaway Democrat tag-team spending orgy, the vulgar dismantling of our military and defense system, the absurdity of denying the best-trained combat warriors in the history of the world from carrying guns on military bases, the abject oath-violating infringements of our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms across the country, the jackbooted thuggery of various government agencies abusing power and violating U.S. citizens’ civil rights, allowing rules of engagement for our military heroes that actually benefit our enemies, the horror of a VA that not only fails to provide adequate aid and treatment for our hero warriors but actually looks the other way when soulless bureaucrats cause their death, agreeing to Obama’s insane, wasteful, unaccountable budget that helps and benefits our enemies but does little to fortify America, the bizarre decision to release dangerous jihadists even when it is proven they return to combat and kill Americans, and assorted very Democratic modes of operation very unbecoming of traditional Republicans.

And I could go on, but instead let me drive it home as clear and simple as possible – those of you who want to derail Donald Trump’s presidential campaign are guilty of the most egregious self-inflicted disconnect America has ever seen.

Write this down: You’re not against Donald Trump; you’re against the will of the people, pure and simple.

Let me be clear: I do not endorse Donald Trump, but the very reason Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are so popular is because they laugh in the face of your absurd and offensive status quo good ol’ boy GOP establishment crap.

You talk and talk and talk about reigning back spending, but you do nothing.

You talk about standing up for Second Amendment rights, but you do little or nothing.

You talk about demanding accountability for Fast and Furious, but nothing happens.

You talk and talk and talk about Lois Lerner’s IRS crimes, but you do nothing.

You talk and talk and talk about taking care of our veterans, but you do little or nothing.

You watch our failed education system waste more and more tax dollars while turning out the dumbest kids on Earth, and you do nothing.

You watch the EPA abuse landowners and pollute rivers, but you do nothing.

You know damn well Obama’s raw deal with Iran was the act of a madman, but you stand by as if you are helpless.

You talk about halting the dangerous, America-destroying invasion of illegals across our borders, but you do nothing.

You see the destruction of thriving big game herds across the West by out of control wolf numbers, and you do nothing.

You sit back and watch the president side with criminal thugs instead of our law enforcement heroes, but you do nothing.

You see out-of-control populations of non-indigenous wild horses destroying native wildlife and habitat, but you do nothing.

Enter status quo busting we-the-people warriors who gain unprecedented support of we the people, and you attack and condemn them.

When you attack and condemn Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, you are attacking and condemning the common sense and voice of we the people.

You sound and act like you are that dumb, but I’m here to help.

Don’t be so damn dumb. Get your head out of your status quo posterior and review the short list of your failings above.

When you are ready to admit that your GOP has become indistinguishable from the crazed Democrats, then we can talk.

Until then, shut up and pay attention. You might learn something.