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Orrin Flushes Jeb for Marco

Orrin Hatch 1

Orrin has been a TURD for years.  His deception of the citizens of Utah is stuff of legend.  It is difficult to imagine a more two-faced deceiver in politics, well, maybe Rubio would give Hatch a run for our money given a few more years in politics.

From Politico .com dated 2/22/2016 by Burgess Everett entitled, “Sen. Hatch endorses Rubio for president“:

Sen. Orrin Hatch is endorsing Sen. Marco Rubio for president, the senior Utah Republican told reporters on Capitol Hill on Monday afternoon.

The former Bush supporter, and most senior Republican in the Senate, said he told Rubio by telephone on Monday morning that he would be jumping on-board with the Florida senator, who is racing to consolidate establishment support on Capitol Hill ahead of the Nevada caucuses.

“By any measure he’s one of these people you can trust. He’s honest, energetic and trustworthy,” Hatch said. “He’s an honorable person.”

For Rubio’s campaign, the Utah senator’s endorsement came at a crucial time because, they hope, Hatch’s support would help turn out Mormon voters in Tuesday’s Nevada caucus for Rubio, who was briefly a Mormon as a child when he lived in Nevada for a few years.

Rubio is the biggest liar on the campaign trail, and that’s a tough distinction to uphold when competing against the likes of Hillary.

Hatch true to form, a TURD.