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Double Barrel Biden Now Romney’s Buddy

For anyone from under a rock recently, Biden meeting with Romney, McCain, Graham, and Ryan goes to show there is not but BS difference in the two major parties. They are one in the same. Thank heaven President Trump won the primary and general, I shudder when considering the alternatives.

From AP by Steve Peoples dated 6/5/2017 entitled, “Former Dem Vice President Biden to headline Romney summit”:


Just days after launching a new political action committee, former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden will join Republican officials and donors at a weekend retreat hosted by former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Biden will be interviewed by Romney during a Friday evening event in Park City, Utah, at the invitation-only summit, according to a Biden spokesman and participants briefed on the schedule. The speaker lineup for what is traditionally a gathering of Romney allies is packed with high-profile Republicans, among them House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

Ryan was Romney’s running mate in 2012.

Biden spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield confirmed Biden’s attendance on Monday ahead of the three-day conference, which starts on Thursday.

“Biden is attending because he believes in bipartisanship and the importance of keeping good lines of communication open across the aisle,” she said.

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The former vice president, 74, last week unveiled a political action committee that stoked fresh speculation he may seek the presidency in 2020. The committee, named American Possibilities PAC, allows him to raise money for candidates, pay for politically related travel costs and maintain relationships with donors.

In an email to supporters about the new organization, Biden said “the negativity, the pettiness, the small-mindedness of our politics drives me crazy.” He did not mention President Donald Trump by name but said that kind of politics is “not who we are.”

Romney was a prominent Trump critic in the months leading up to last fall’s election and many of his Republican allies were prominent voices in the “Never Trump” movement. In the weeks after the election, however, Romney sought to repair the relationship and was briefly considered a candidate to serve as Trump’s secretary of state.

Mitt Romney’s fifth annual Deer Valley political retreat is set for June 8-10 and will once again include the former presidential candidate’s 2012 running mate, now House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc.
Trump declined an invitation to attend the annual gathering, which has featured Democrats such as David Axelrod in the past.

This year’s participants include several Trump skeptics. FedEx CEO Fred Smith has warned that Trump’s plans for trade would be “catastrophic” for the U.S. economy. Another participant, Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris, heads Trump’s manufacturing council, but he condemned Trump’s decision last week to withdraw from an international agreement to address climate change.

“We are honored once again to gather leaders of business and industry, innovators from across the globe, and political representatives from both sides of the aisle to discuss the future of American leadership,” conference executive director Matt Waldrip said.

Priebus, Ryan, and the Freedom Caucus, Oh My!

Hopefully much ado about nothing, other than dumping Priebus and Ryan.

From conservativehq.com dated 3/31/2017 entitled, “Priebus And Ryan Hijack Trump’s Twitter Account“:

Make no mistake about what went on yesterday with the shocking tweet in which President Trump appeared to attack members of the Freedom Caucus, some of his earliest and staunchest supporters in Congress.

It is not about a policy difference over getting rid of Obamacare – it is about White House Chief of Staff Reince

Trump Freedom Caucus tweet

Priebus and his home state buddy House Speaker Paul Ryan saving their jobs.

Priebus is clearly out of his depth as White House Chief of Staff. His only real qualification for the job is his relationship with Speaker Ryan and after the Ryancare debacle in which the President was drawn into supporting a bill something like 100 members of the House Republican Conference were prepared to vote against Priebus’ job was on the line.

And it still is.

Same with Ryan.

When the Ryancare – or RINOcare bill as we prefer to call it – blew up Washington was abuzz with the rumor that Ryan was on his way out as Speaker.

Republican officials in Congress and the White House were openly discussing finding a GOP replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, after Ryan failed to pass the American Health Care Act out of the House and misled the public and President Donald Trump when he promised repeatedly the bill would pass.

Our friend Matthew Boyle of Breitbart reported many allies of the president and several White House officials over the weeks since have confirmed to Breitbart News that the president is concerned that Ryan may not have his—or his agenda’s—best interests at heart. Ryan’s failure to deliver the votes on healthcare cement Trump’s skepticism of Ryan, they say.

“This is another example of the staff not serving the president well and the weakness of the Paul Ryan speakership,” a source close to President Trump told Breitbart News. “This calls into question once again the speaker’s commitment to supporting Donald Trump and his agenda.”

“Speaker Ryan proved today that he does not have the best interests of the President at heart,” a source close to the president told Boyle. “He sold out the president and showed his word can be taken with a grain of salt. There is only one course of action that should be taken to move past this catastrophe and that is the swift removal of Paul Ryan from the speakership.”

White House sources tell Breitbart News that the president is very frustrated with Ryan and feels that he has saved him multiple times already. After the election in November, it was widely reported that there were enough Republican votes to remove Ryan as Speaker—and the only reason conservatives kept him is that Trump won the election and embraced Ryan. But now Trump may perceive Ryan as a burden rather than someone who can help enact his agenda reported Boyle.

What’s changed in the last week?

Absolutely nothing, except that Ryan and Priebus are now desperate to save their jobs and to do that they need a scapegoat for their failure.

Thus, the attack on the Freedom Caucus.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11) told The Washington Examiner “The narrative is not surprising in the White House because I think some of his [President Trump’s] advisers are suggesting that it was consensus that we pulled the rug out from underneath the president’s agenda and nothing could be further from the truth… But that being said, I don’t take it personally.”

Former Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan also downplayed the fight by saying there’s still time to make changes to the bill that he said would help “fix” the legislation so it does what Republicans promised to do: change the bill in a way that lowers premiums for people.

“All we’re trying to do is fix the legislation,” Jordan said. “The whole world thinks, ‘oh, because a bill got postponed, this town is going crazy, the sky is going to fall.’ It’s not. Let’s just fix it and quit worrying about tweets and statements and blame and let’s focus on the actual document.”

Representatives Meadows and Jordan, two limited government constitutional conservative heroes, are right. This battle that has been ginned-up between the President and conservatives isn’t about accomplishing the President’s policy – it is about Speaker Ryan and White House Chief of Staff Paul Ryan saving their jobs. It’s time for the President to change the password on his Twitter account and focus his efforts on fulfilling his promise to pass a bill that will actually do what Ryancare never will – lower premiums for the forgotten Americans the Freedom Caucus represents.

Are Republicans Idiots?

Over the years under Ovomit the Rs voted over 60 (SIXTY) times to repeal Obamacare.  They knew it was a joke but spent time which could have been used in a more productive manner (like leaving DC, going fishing and STOP legislating!) but no, it was all a sham, all a political joke.  DOH!  They knew that Ovomit would never sign the repeal anyway.  RINOs TURD!!!  They were playing us for dummies.

So now that the Rs control the process they have no healthcare bill with which to replace Obamacare.  They couldn’t put something together after some seven years!!  Or better yet, LET THE FREE MARKET DECIDE!  Idiots.  You have to be sh*tting me!  Does anyone THINK in DC?  Useless coprophages.

Then Ryan, Trump, et. al. try to ram RyanCare/RINOCare down OUR elected Representative’s throats, similar to what Pelosi did with OC.  Thank God that a few of our Representatives remember who they work for, their voters, not AHs in DC or their Minders (can it be that some do not have Minders?)  Thank you Republican Liberty Caucus (and a few others)!

Some say Trump inserted himself in the process because he was trying to get Paul Ryan to hang himself (politically) with failed legislation.  I call BS on that.  Donald just figured his testicles were so huge and gilded that no one would dare say the emperor has no g-string.  Ryan would have hung himself without Trumps ‘help’.  And according to a Robert Costa tweet, “I don’t blame Paul,” Trump tells me.  This attitude of Trump’s now makes me fear as to how else the dumb bastard is going to over extend himself nay, more importantly, ourselves?  Trump, stick to the damn playbook, including the tenants of your ‘Art of the Deal’!

What a damn bunch of clowns we have in DC!  Disgusting.  And now the Ds are going to try and shift the blame for OvomitCare to the Rs, and the Rs walked right into it.

Yeah, the Republicans are idiots (for the most part, as Ryan did have the majority of the R votes)!


Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz Now Termed ‘Enemies’ by Paul ‘RINOTURD’ Ryan

Thank you Senators Cotton and Cruz.  The enemy of our enemy is our friend.  You guys must be doing something right!

From breitbart.com dated 03/23/2017 by Katie McHugh entitled, “Paul Ryan Compares Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz to Enemies”:

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Wednesday, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan implied Sen. Tom Cotton and  Sen. Ted Cruz are “enemies” where the healthcare bill to replace Obamacare is concerned.

Ryan believed the bill could be on the president’s desk by Easter.

“[D]o you expect … assuming that they get you the bill back for the week of April the third, do you expect a vote the week of April the third on the final?” Hewitt asked Ryan.

“Absolutely,” Ryan assured Hewitt repeatedly.

“We will repeal and replace Obamacare by Easter?” Hewitt pressed him.

“Yeah, that has always been our plan.” He added, “The president asked us to put this on his desk before Easter, and we’re going to keep the commitment to him,” Ryan replied.

Hewitt later played clips of Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton saying on his show, “Hugh, there is no three-phase process. There is no three-step plan. That is just political talk. It’s just politicians engaging in spin.”

He also played a clip of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz dismissing “phase three”: “I’ve called bucket three the sucker’s bucket.”

“Okay, so Speaker Ryan, these are your friends,” Hewitt said to Ryan.

“Yes, they are,” Ryan replied. “And with friends like that, who needs, you know, you know the rest of the sentence.”

The vote for the Obamacare 2.0 bill takes place on Thursday in the House, and House GOP leadership claims it has the votes to pass the bill to the Senate.

This vote, last I heard has been cancelled for today.

Paul Ryan, TURD

My first exposure to the TURD was when he was schooling Obummer on the budget some six or seven years ago.  It sounded like he knew what he was talking about and it seemed to piss Obummer off so I thought a new star had been born.  Boy was I wrong.  Since then it has been nothing but downhill for this TURD.  It is very telling that he gets re-elected as House Speaker, at least very telling for those that voted for him given his recent history of brown nosing the O.  Also very telling if Trump really does support Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill.  If so, get a brain, Trump!  Obviously Paul Ryan is just a TURD that Obummer left in the political pool upon vacating the White House.  From breitbart.com dated 2/9/2017 by Matthew Boyle entitled, “Honeymoon Over: Speaker Paul Ryan Targets His Own Republicans, Not Democrats, with Ads on Healthcare“:



House Speaker Paul Ryan is openly targeting House Republicans with television advertisements—while conspicuously not hitting Democratic members—to try to browbeat them into supporting his healthcare legislation.

The remarkable development, in which a GOP leadership-connected organization is now opening fire on the airwaves against Ryan’s own members, is ultimately one of the main tactics employed by Ryan’s predecessor, former House Speaker John Boehner—one that was instrumental in forcing his resignation in 2015.

And while this is going on, with Ryan unrelentingly pushing for this American Health Care Act—nicknamed by many Republicans who oppose it “Ryancare,” “Obamacare 2.0,” or “Obamacare Lite”—members in the House GOP conference are beginning to whisper about replacing not just Obamacare but replacing Ryan as Speaker.

“A group with close ties to House Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), is airing a half-million dollars’ worth of television ads in more than two dozen media markets urging unruly conservatives to support GOP health-care legislation,” the Washington Post’s Mike DeBonis reported on Thursday.

Particularly, the group American Action Network—a group the Post notes is “affiliated with” Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC—“is targeting 30 members it says are part of the House Freedom Caucus,” DeBonis writes.

“The Republicans’ American Health Care Act versus Obamacare,” a narrator says in the Ryan-connected ads. “Obamacare is full of job-destroying mandates. The new plan eliminates them. Obamacare put bureaucrats in control. The Republican plan puts patients and doctors in charge. Obamacare stuck families with soaring premiums. The new plan provides more choices and lower costs.”

 Most of those claims are untrue. The Ryan bill does not eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate, the highly controversial part of Obamacare that forced all Americans to buy a health insurance plan even if they did not want one or face a tax penalty collected by the IRS. Ryan’s bill still forces all Americans to buy healthcare, but gives the penalty collected for not doing so to insurance companies.

The bureaucrats versus patients and doctors claim can also be challenged, given that the AARP and the American Medical Association both oppose the bill, while the bureaucrat-connected Washington establishment organization the U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs Ryan’s plan.

And the claim this bill cuts costs doesn’t hold muster either, as everyone from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to the House Freedom Caucus to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) are concerned Ryan’s bill actually does the reverse.

The ad then cuts to President Trump’s recent address to a joint session of Congress, where Trump says he wants to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”

The bill does not repeal Obamacare. It just amends it. In fact, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Cotton laid out how the bill “will not deliver on the main promises of President Trump and congressional Republicans” of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Nonetheless, the ad’s narrator concludes by blaming Trump for Ryan’s bill and urging the Republican members Ryan is targeting to “vote with President Trump.” While the narrator says that, the text “repeal and replace Obamacare”—again, inaccurately claiming the bill repeals Obamacare—appears on screen.

This comes as Ryan is unlikely at this time–despite whatever he says at press conferences–to get 218 votes to pass this legislation on the House floor. Heritage Foundation president former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina says that Ryan does have the votes to pass the bill in the House, as do many others.

House Republicans are furious that Ryan is using precious resources and money that could be used to beat Democrats in 2018 midterm elections to attack his own members.

“This is the beginning of his downfall,” one House Republican, who wished not to be named, told Breitbart News of Ryan’s decision to open fire on his own conference with television ads. The member noted that it was about two years ago exactly that Boehner did the same thing, and his days were numbered after that.

“I think Paul Ryan sees himself as about as untouchable as John Boehner did and that’s a dangerous position of hubris,” another member told Breitbart News.

One member told Breitbart News that Ryan explicitly promised, during a meeting with the House Freedom Caucus in the fall of 2015 around the time he announced his campaign for the Speakership, that he would absolutely not engage in this tactic used by Boehner—television ads to browbeat Republicans into supporting leadership initiatives.

Brendan Buck, Ryan’s chief spokesman, has not responded to requests for comment as to why the Speaker is targeting his own members with television ads and why he is breaking the promise he made to House Republicans that he would not use this Boehner-crafted tactic to push leadership initiatives.

While it’s certainly still too early to predict if any coup on Ryan would be successful—or if any serious one may materialize at all—the fact that members of the House Republican conference are even whispering about this is remarkable in and of itself.

Less than two months into President Donald Trump’s administration, nobody thought Republicans would be engaged in an internecine war over a bill that some claim repeals Obamacare but actually does not. Nor did anyone think that Ryan’s lack of organization on the issue that supposedly united Republicans for seven years since Obamacare first passed would be—given his failure to put forward a plan that achieves Trump’s and Republicans’ objectives of repealing and replacing Obamacare—even close to contemplating any effort to vote for a Republican alternative to Ryan as Speaker of the House.

Before Trump’s landslide electoral college victory over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Nov. 8 in the general presidential election, it was widely presumed that Ryan was in fact in serious trouble over his speakership—and that there were enough Republicans willing to vote for an alternative as Speaker in 2017. Trump’s win, and particularly his win in Wisconsin, saved Ryan for the time-being. But the honeymoon is over.

Utah Rep. Rob Bishop, TURD

Speaker Paul Ryan Pushes Puerto Rico Bondholder Cram Down on Conservatives

House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wants Congress to pass a law that would cause Puerto Rico bondholders who own $73 billion in notes from the territory’s government to be treated the same way the federal government treated Chrysler bondholders back in 2008 and 2009.

Friday morning, Ryan addressed a special meeting of the GOP caucus to attempt to persuade recalcitrant conservatives the cram down is a good idea.

If the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA)

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI)


has sponsored and Ryan supports becomes law, Puerto Rico would use the special dispensation provided the territory in the bill to force bondholders to accept pennies on the dollar prior to or during a bankruptcy filing.As George Mason University professor Todd Zywicki and the Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk wrote of the Chrysler bondholder cram down:

In bankruptcy, the secured status of these bonds should have meant that the secured creditors would be paid in full before any money was allocated to subordinate creditors, such as the UAW’s VEBA plans. Instead, the plan imposed by the government forced Chrysler’s secured creditors to accept only 29 cents on the dollar, while the UAW recovered most of the value of its claims.

As Breitbart News reported previously, if PROMESA passes, Puerto Rico’s bondholders would receive the same kind of treatment as Chrysler’s bondholders.

[The] plan that would let Puerto Rico wipe out $33 billion of its $73 billion debt in bankruptcy.
Leadership of both political parties are backing the creation of a federal “control board” and legal authorization for Puerto Rico to file bankruptcy. The effort would pave the way for a “cramdown” of about 45 percent of the island’s debt, without any spending cuts.

Conservatives in the House say that’s a bad idea.

Ryan is technically right that the PROMESA bill is not the same kind of immediate bailout of billions in direct loans to Puerto Rico as the 2008 auto bailout of Chrysler and General Motors, a good portion of which was subsequently written off.

But in many respects, his argument today echoes the words of former President George W. Bush, who defended the TARP bailout of banks that he later used to bail out the auto companies when he infamously said: “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market.”

Ryan’s need to intervene in order to save the increasingly unpopular Puerto Rico bailout is urgent.

On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources Committee rejected PROMESA in a surprise move, preventing it from coming to the floor of the House for a vote.

The bill’s passage through the committee was expected to be a slam dunk.

As recently as Tuesday, a confident Natural Resources Committee Chairman,

Rob Bishop TURD_1

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT)

, said “It is the Island’s best shot to mitigate its financial collapse and future calls for a bailout, which would be untenable. Congress must act now to avoid a humanitarian crisis that will severely impact 3.5 million Americans living in Puerto Rico and millions of Americans on the mainland.”The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Sean Duffy, was equally confident:

The three and a half million Americans living in the U.S. territory deserve the attention and support of Congress. After decades of mismanagement, Puerto Rico’s investors also deserve better. A protracted and chaotic legal battle would not serve the interest of creditors or the island. Worse would be a mutli-billion dollar taxpayer bailout thrust on the shoulders of America’s taxpayers and retirees. The PROMESA Act will ensure that the island meets its debt obligations in a controlled, responsible manner, without saddling the U.S. taxpayers with the bill. If we get this right, we have an opportunity to put the people of Puerto Rico on a path to economic opportunity. However, if we do nothing, the American people will be on the hook.

But that confidence evaporated in 48 fast moving hours.

As The Hill reported:

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will try to sell fellow Republicans on a bill to help Puerto Rico deal with its debt crisis at a special meeting Friday.

Ryan said the morning conference meeting would be solely devoted to Puerto Rico, in an effort to educate members and bring them on board with the bill, which has faced persistent conservative opposition.

“A lot of members are just coming up to speed on this,” he said Thursday. “It is why tomorrow morning, we’re doing a policy conference on just the issue of Puerto Rico. The members who have been spending a lot of time on this are going to give a presentation to the broader conference to bring people up to speed.”

The fate of that legislation took a turn for the worse late Wednesday, when the House Natural Resources Committee abruptly canceled a markup of the bill.

Republicans said the delay was spurred by Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration. Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) said the administration was still trying to alter the bill, making a markup impossible.

And Ryan contended that the bill did not receive consideration because Democrats were not willing to back it.

But a Wednesday morning hearing on the bill also made clear there was ample conservative discontent as well. Several committee members lambasted the proposal, arguing it was a bailout for an island territory with a record of fiscal mismanagement. . .

The current bill does not commit any federal funds to Puerto Rico. Instead, it establishes an outside control board to monitor the island’s finances, and allows the island to go to court to try and restructure some of its debt if voluntary negotiations with creditors fail.

On Thursday, Ryan gave an advance preview of his pitch:

There is chaos occurring. Puerto Rico passed a law negating, arguably, their debt. We want to bring order to the chaos. And the need for Puerto Rican legislation is to bring order to the chaos. And my number one priority as speaker of the House with respect to this issue is to keep the American taxpayer away from this. There will no taxpayer bailout.

We want an oversight board, just like we did with the District of Columbia a number of years ago, to be involved, to provide the kind of leadership and structure that is necessary for Puerto Rico to gets its own fiscal house in order and to guide the kind of debt restructuring that is necessary so that Puerto Rico can continue to access the capital markets and keep the taxpayer out of this.

That is our primary responsibility is to protect the American taxpayer and to help bring order to the chaos that will befall Puerto Rico if the status quo continues going in the direction it’s going.

Ryan took exception to television ads calling PROMESA a bailout of Puerto Rico:

I’m not going to characterize who is behind what ads because I don’t know who is behind what ads. A bailout is getting the taxpayer involved. We are — our whole entire purpose of this is to prevent the taxpayer from getting involved and not having a taxpayer bailout. That is why we are going the path we are going to prevent to taxpayer from being involved in this.

What Ryan fails to note is that Puerto Rico has been a regular recipient of funds from federal taxpayers for years, and PROMESA will do nothing to change that pattern of support.

In fact, Congress is currently considering a separate proposal to increase federal subsidiesdirectly to Puerto Rico residents through the extension of Earned Income Tax Credits. That’s a neat trick, especially since residents of Puerto Rico currently do not have to file or pay any federal taxes.

In 2013, the federal government spent $2 billion on food stamps to residents of Puerto Rico, and that amount appears to be increasing with each additional year.

An estimated one-third of the island’s residents receive food stamps.

Forbes contributor Martin Sullivan argues that Puerto Rico is already receiving $8 billion in subsidies from an obsure IRS ruling:

There’s no one in the administration or in D.C. that’s contemplating a federal bailout of Puerto Rico,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on June 29. That statement is simply false. It may be true that the Treasury is not contemplating cash subsidies or loan guarantees for Puerto Rico, but it already is providing something just as good: tax credits for U.S. companies operating in Puerto Rico on a Puerto Rican tax designed to give those companies U.S. tax credits.

Sound complicated? Yep. That’s why nobody is paying attention. Think about it this way: Puerto Rico imposes a tax that the federal government pays. U.S. companies operating there are just the middlemen.

Here are the details.

Since 2011, approximately 20 percent of Puerto Rico’s total revenue collections have come from a temporary excise tax on certain products manufactured in Puerto Rico. . .

Now here’s the financial magic. On March 30, 2011, the IRS released Notice 2011-2 ruling that this new excise tax was a foreign tax creditable against U.S. taxes. The notice stated that the new tax was novel and that “determination of the creditability of the Excise Tax requires the resolution of a number of legal and factual issues.”

Until these issues were resolved, the IRS would not challenge taxpayers’ claims that the tax was creditable. Further, if the IRS decided the credit was not creditable in the future, the new position would apply only prospectively. Thus, most of the new tax burden imposed on multinationals doing business in Puerto Rico was eliminated by Treasury.

In 2008, President George W. Bush acknowledged that he abandoned free market principles when he tried to sell the TARP bailout to the American people.

At least President Bush was honest about what he had done.

Speaker Ryan, it seems, wants to obscure the real consequences of PROMESA as he tries to sell it to his House colleagues.

Two TURDs in a Parka

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, set to headline a fundraiser for Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, in Salt Lake City on Monday, will also be skiing at Deer Valley with donors willing to pay $25,000 to his own political action committee.

The hefty contribution to the Wisconsin Republican’s PAC gets donors time on the slopes with both Ryan and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Saturday, plus dinner at Romney’s Deer Valley home, KSL has learned.


Ryan’s fundraiser for Love is a $10,000-per-table breakfast at the Little America Hotel. The speaker is expected to leave Utah midmorning Monday and return to Washington, D.C.

Romney Ryan 1

I have already posted concerning Mia “TURD” Love voting for Obama’s 2016-17 budget along with her erstwhile fellow Utah Republican ‘Representative’ TURDs in the US House.

My first introduction to Paul Ryan was back in 2011 when he was opposing Barack “TURD” Obama on his budget.  That, at least in part, got Ryan the ‘D’ ticket on Romney’s laughable 2012 run for the presidency.  Of course since then Paul “TURD” Ryan took over Speakership of the House and endorsed the huge, secretly put together Obama’s mega-budget.  This buget gives Obama total control over spending with no chance of defunding Obamacare, stopping his amnesty program, Iran deal or basically anything else, all with OUR and OUR KID’s dollars.  Screw you Paul “TURD” Ryan.  You and Romney, two TURDs in a parka.

What does it tell you when Ryan supports Obama, as well as Love and Romney supports Ryan and “was too nice of a guy” to tell us about the real Obama but attacks Trump but is afraid to endorse the losing and lying Rubio?  In politics, too often the TURDs float to the top in the same bowl.