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Rob Quist, Democrat Candidate for Montana U.S. Rep Is All Hat and No Cows

Interesting how politicians, in addition to being ignorant, are among the biggest liars (TURDs).  Part of the reason is because voters are so damn dumb (see previous posts).  For instance, here’s this TURD, Quist, trying to pass himself off as representing the people of Montana when in fact he has lied about financial dealings, he has lied about real estate he owns, he has lied about being a hunter/fisherman,  and he has produced ads that are an anathema to firearms safety, proving he is a fake.  Rob Quist, TURD.  Don’t fall for Quist’s BS.

From missoulian.com dated 5/5/2017 by Tom Lutey entitled, “Hunting records of U.S. House candidates released“:

In TV ads, Montana’s U.S. House candidates have been blasting away at televisions. But only one is licensed to hunt anything else, according to state records.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks records show that Democrat Rob Quist hasn’t had a hunting or fishing license for at least 16 years. Electronic records of hunting and fishing licenses begin in 2002. Republican Greg Gianforte has had multiple fishing and hunting licenses during the same period.

“An outdoor way of life, particularly hunting and fishing, is part of who we are,” Gianforte said. “I believe it’s an individual’s personal choice whether they want to hunt or fish, but I think most of them would want to have a representative that understands their lifestyle.”

Asked why Rob Quist was the right candidate for hunters and anglers if he doesn’t hunt or fish, the Quist campaign issued the following statement:

“Greg Gianforte sued the people of Montana to block public stream access and donated thousands of dollars to dark money groups seeking to sell off Montana’s public lands, Rob has been advocating for keeping Montana’s public lands public his entire career.”

Gianforte filed a lawsuit against the state in 2009 to get the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to move an easement that crossed the northern edge of his property north of Bozeman. Gianforte lives next to the 76-acre Cherry River Fishing Access site on the East Gallatin River. The easement allowed the public to walk further upstream from Cherry River. Gianforte said his property was being damaged.

The state was never served with the lawsuit. The dispute was resolved after an FWP visit to the site in July 2009 led to trail and fence upgrades that did a better job keeping users off the rest of the Gianforte property and the agency updated records on the easement boundaries, according to state documents acquired by the Lee State Bureau.

Quist has said groups like PERC, a Bozeman-based economic research group that promotes market-based incentives for conservation and stewardship, are out to privatize public lands. The group was founded by former Montana State University economists. He also singled out the conservative Heritage Foundation, which supports more state input on developing energy resources on federal lands.

Hunting and fishing are make-or-break issues for a key minority group of Montana voters. Democrats used the 2009 lawsuit as their point of attack on Gianforte in his unsuccessful 2016 bid for governor.

It’s Quist this election cycle being targeted in TV ads for supporting universal background checks and a gun registry for automatic weapons. Quist made the comments during a March 27 interview with Montana Public Radio. Automatic weapons are already registered, Quist told The Gazette Tuesday during a joint editorial board meeting with Gianforte.

Universal background checks would close the loophole on gun show sales where, because private sellers aren’t federally licensed, background checks aren’t required.

On TV ads, Quist uses a lever action rifle to blast a television playing an attack ad accusing the Creston country bluegrass singer of being anti-gun.

Gianforte told The Gazette he opposes the transfer of federal public lands to states. He said Wednesday evening that as a representative he would try to improve access to federal lands where roads have been closed.

“We’ve had over 20,000 miles of our roads gated in Montana and I would work to reverse that,” Gianforte said.

Gianforte has made his hunting a big part of his social media presence. Wild game is what the family eats, he said. On Twitter, he even shared a photo of a 20-pound sausage stuffer, his outdoorsy Christmas gift to his wife Susan.

Quist does have support from a hunting and fishing group. The Montana Sportsmen Alliance has endorsed Quist as the right candidate for Montana. Member Joe Perry, of Conrad, said Quist is the right choice because the Democrat will oppose the transfer of federal lands to states. Perry said he doesn’t trust Republicans to do the same. Montana’s GOP has written its support of federal lands transfer into its party platform.

Yet in an email from the President of the largest gun ownership organization in Montana, Gary Marbut, President of The Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) critique’s Quist’s TV ad:

There are numerous and some serious problems with the TV gun ad by Montana congressional candidate Rob Quist:

1)  Quist keeps his ammo in his shirt pocket.  No experienced rifleman or real cowboy would ever do that.  Every time he’d bend over, that ammo would fall in the dirt.


2)  Quist has his finger on the trigger when he’s not intending to shoot.  EVERY kid who ever took Hunter Safety knows that this is a violation of the essential Rules of gun safety.  This is dangerous and a bad example for youth and others.


3)  Shooting a television set?  Only a punk would do this.  It leaves a mess of broken glass and possibly hazardous waste to pollute and clutter the environment.  That’s littering!  Pack it in, pack it out.  But it’s guaranteed that Quist never retrieved all the junk from this TV-for-TV shoot; only the larger pieces, at best.

4)  Muzzle direction?  Quist points his rifle directly at the cameraman AND every viewer, another obvious violation of essential Rules of gun safety and another very bad example.  Both Quist (who approved this ad, it declares) and the director appear to be clueless about gun safety and the impact of this ad on others, especially youth looking for an example to follow.


5)  Shooting at picture of a real person.  Quist shoots at a picture of Quist, readily identifiable, on the TV.  This practice is prohibited at most responsible shooting ranges because it’s bad PR for the gun-owning public. (From the published Range Rules of the Deer Creek Shooting Center:  “11. PROHIBITED TARGETS: Targets intended to depict real, identifiable, individual people are prohibited.”)


6)  Beyond the target.  Every rancher has had to repair fence wires cut by bullets from irresponsible shooting.  It happens.  Quist shooting at the fence beyond the target is another Rules violation (Be sure of your target and what’s beyond.)

7)  Eye and ear protection.  Quist ignores the standard requirement for eye protection and ear protection when shooting, another bad example.

8)  Then there’s Quist’s rifle.  It looks awfully clean for an allegedly third generation rifle.  I have a Winchester Model 94, .30-30 that belonged to my father that’s not nearly as pretty and unblemished as the one in the Quist ad, because mine was actually used.  Is this really a third-generation rifle, or actually a new rifle only obtained as a prop for the ad shoot?

Quist (“APPROVED BY ROB QUIST.”) and whoever designed this ad appear to be pretty clueless about firearms in the real Montana world.  They seem to have gotten their information about guns from the artificial world of TV and movies.

The ad producers would likely say, “Gary is just sniping about irrelevant details.  This is supposed to be about the message.”  NO!  Gun safety is absolute, at least within the genuine Montana gun culture.  Real flesh-and-blood people get shot and die because clueless and careless others don’t follow the Rules of gun safety.  As for any “message,” the “message” I get from this ad is:  Irresponsible, uninformed, unreal, untrue, disingenuous, fake.

Those of us who diligently try to educate others about the essential Rules of firearm safety are frustrated by public figures and would-be leaders who so flagrantly violate The Rules, and violate good land stewardship, as a bad example to others.  Anti-gun people claim they’re for “gun safety,” yet they freely violate The Rules to publicize bad examples, thereby promoting dangerous practice, not gun safety.  They are dangerous to Montana.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Rob Quist is Not a Musician, Quist Is a Joke

Rob Quist is the Democrat nominee running for Montana’s U.S. House seat.  The clown not only under-reported by $57,000 his 2016 income, but has defaulted on a $10,000 bank loan, refused to pay thousands to a contractor he hired, and has had three state tax liens from 2007, 2011, and 2012 which were just settled last year (I wonder who settled them?)  Montana, does Rob Quist really represent you and your values?  Rob Quist, TURD.

Rob Quist plans to run for Zinke seat

The joke’s on you, Montana.


From missoulian.com dated 5/2/2017 entitled “Montana Dem in US House bid underreported income by $57K“:

The Democratic candidate for Montana’s sole U.S. House seat, a cowboy poet and musician running for public office for the first time, underreported $57,000 in income when he filed federally required financial disclosure statements two months ago.

Rob Quist has garnered national attention in his bid to become the first Democrat to hold the congressional post in 20 years, but he has come under scrutiny for a history of financial difficulties.

Quist’s campaign filed a new disclosure statement with the U.S. House last week after The Associated Press sought an explanation for discrepancies in his initial disclosure document and on his 2016 income tax returns. Federal ethics law requires congressional candidates to file a one-time accounting of their personal finances.

Montana voters go to the polls May 25 to fill the seat vacated by Ryan Zinke, who resigned to join President Donald Trump’s Cabinet as Interior secretary. Quist and two others who have never held public office are vying for the post — Libertarian Mark Wicks and Republican Greg Gianforte, a wealthy technology entrepreneur who ran unsuccessfully for governor last year.

Quist campaign spokeswoman Tina Olechowski said the updated disclosure was routine, asserting that Quist and his wife did not have a full accounting of their income when he completed his initial report. His original statement was stamped received on March 8 and processed by the House clerk a week later.

“Rob and Bonni amended their personal financial disclosure after they filed their 2016 tax returns so it has the most updated information,” Olechowski said.

She said he had planned to revise his disclosure forms even before the AP began making inquiries.

His updated disclosures show Quist and his wife made about $136,000 in 2016. The original report identified about $79,000 in income, while a copy of Quist’s 2016 tax return released to the AP by his campaign listed a total income of $64,805.

The number of concerts Quist reported went from 11 in the first report to 34, including a spot at Red Ants Pants festival.

Bonni Quist’s income for the current year increased $7,791.

The smaller figure reported to the IRS includes adjustments for business expenses, while his disclosure statement is supposed to list all income sources.

Quist’s financial woes have led to increased scrutiny after revelations that he defaulted on a $10,000 bank loan, did not pay thousands of dollars to a contractor he hired and faced three tax liens from the state over $15,000 in unpaid back taxes.

The liens covered 2007, 2011 and 2012 and were settled last May with the Department of Revenue. Quist has not shared tax returns for those years.

“Once again, Rob Quist was caught not telling the truth, and it’s long past time he release his tax returns for the years in question and finally come clean with Montanans about his trail of tax liens, unpaid debts and underreporting income,” said Gianforte spokesman Shane Scanlon. “Quist has shown a disturbing pattern of dishonesty, and that record speaks for itself.”

Quist provided AP his tax returns for the past two years, offering a limited glimpse of his finances. In 2015, he and his wife reported $17,504 in income. In 2016, the couple owed $11,484 in federal taxes and $2,030 in state taxes.

During his run for governor, Gianforte released tax returns from 2005 through 2014, showing cumulative income of $220.5 million and total payments of nearly $35 million for state and federal taxes.

He also had a tax lien from 1993 when he lived in New Jersey. The $3,600 lien was settled three months later.

In 2015, Gianforte and his wife, Susan, had an income of $6.5 million, according to a copy of that year’s tax return provided to the AP.

His campaign said his 2016 return was not available because he filed an extension with the IRS. Financial disclosures filed with the U.S. House show his earned income was at least $164,000, with assets ranging between $96 million and $328 million.

Rob Quist, Democrat Nominee for Montana’s At-Large U.S. House Seat, Encourages Climate Skeptics to Commit Suicide

Rob “TURD” Quist is nearly as ignorant as Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) who asks if Guam will tip over if the military sends more troops to the island.  How does dying by asphyxiation have anything to do with how environmental forces work and humanity’s affect upon them, i.e. anthropomorphic climate change?  Quist is nothing but a charlatan and if the voters of Montana cannot see through his BS then they deserve this TURD.  Unfortunately the rest of us would have to deal with the TURD as well.  It might be illustrative of the compassionate and tolerant qualities of the Left if Quist would lead by example.

Rob Quist in Billings

From breitbart.com dated 5/1/2017 by Sean Moran entitled, “Montana Democrat Rob Quist Encourages Climate Skeptics To Consider Suicide


The Republican nominee answered a question about climate change and the Clean Power Plan saying, “Everyone believes that the climate is changing.” However, he added, “Using EPA’s data calculated by the Cato Institute; they said if we shut down every coal-fired plant in North America our environment would be two-hundredths of a degree cooler a hundred years from now…for that we are willing to give up 7,000 jobs in Montana and $1.5 billion in annual revenue? That’s not a smart business decision.”

Quist responded to Gianforte. Rather than refuting the Republican nominee’s argument, he encouraged climate skeptics to consider ending their lives. He said, “To me this a cumulative thing, you cannot just say closing one plant or not is going to make a difference. This is something that the entire world needs to address and you know what, if any of you that feel like this is not a problem, I challenge you to go into your car in your garage, start your car and see what happens there.”