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Meathead ‘Mentally Unstable’

Rob Reiner Says He Won’t Shoot in North Carolina Because of Anti ...

Rob Reiner has really lost it in an interview on MSNBC.  This is nearly as bad as ‘I am a Nasty Woman’ staring Ashley Judd (BTW, Judd did not write the poem, it was written by a 19-year old Nina Donovan).  Reiner’s nearly raving, nonsensical interview where he calls Trump ‘mentally unstable’ has got to be watched to be believed.  Rob Reiner, TURD.



Rob Reiner, TURD

Actually Meat Head, a lot of Trump supporters are tired of TURDs, such as yourself, telling us what we are and aren’t.  You are clueless, TURD.  You have a lot of nerve for a man with a camera and no brains.  Your ilk have become useless.

Rob Reiner: Trump ‘Insane,’ A Lot of His Supporters Are ‘Racist’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” filmmaker and liberal Rob Reiner accused hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of not asking the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hard questions.

During that exchange, Reiner said the media has not scrutinized Trump because  “the words that have flung out from his mouth are insane.”

“If he was not a celebrity — if Donald Trump was not a celebrity … the words that come out of his mouth, you’d see a guy in a park, a lunatic on a soapbox in the park, and you’d walk right by him,” he continued. “But the fact that he is a celebrity all of a sudden we are all interested.”

When asked to explain the millions who vote for Trump, Reiner said, “There are a lot of people who are racist.”

Scarborough pushed back, “Oh, my God — did you just say that? … So you think people that vote for Donald Trump are racists?”

Reiner said, “They’re not all. I said there are A lot of people who are. There’s racism in this country that’s been submerged for a long, long time and all of a sudden there’s a man…he’s unearthed a lot of it.”