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Bernie Sanders, Socialist, Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Like most socialists, Bernie loves to denigrate those who are successful and yet is perfectly fine with pulling in seven figures a year and owning three houses (how’s that for carbon footprint) for himself.  Of course my question is, what the hell did he do to warrant such income?  Oh, write a book championing “Our Revolution” and socialism.  What a great guy this bastard Bernie, TURD.

From breitbart.com dated 6/5/2017 by Penny Starrs entitled, “Bernie Sanders, the Senator Who Hates Rich People, Made More Than $1 Million Last Year”

Bernie Sanders 4

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has always slammed people who are successful and enjoy wealth and the lifestyle it facilitates and that it is not right that they have more than the folks who are not successful and have fewer assets as a result — rhetoric that was ramped up when he was a candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign.

But recent reports by the media in his home state and also national reports reveal that while Sanders is not among his most-hated category of the top 1% of the nation’s wealthiest, he is not one of the less fortunate or even the Middle Class.

“Thanks in large part to his successful foray into authorship, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made more than $1 million in 2016,” the Vermont outlet Seven Days reported. “That’s according to his latest U.S. Senate financial disclosure, which he filed Sunday after receiving a 20-day extension.”

The Seven Days piece, published on Sunday and written by political columnist John Walters, states that a large chunk of that income came from a $795,000 advance for his best-selling book, “Our Revolution.”

Sanders also got $63,750 for an upcoming book, “Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution,” a publication aimed at young readers and co-authored with Kate Waters, according to Seven Days. And Sanders received $6,735 in royalties for his 1997 memoir “Outsider in the House,” Seven Days reported.

“That’s more than $865,000 for peddling his working-class ideas,” Walters wrote. “Not bad.”

Add in an additional $2,521 Sanders earned last year in royalties from his 1987 spoken-word folk album, “We Shall Overcome.”

“Senate rules do not require members to report their government salaries on their annual disclosures, but all rank-and-file members earn $174,000 a year. That, combined with the more than $878,000 Sanders reported in his filing, puts the democratic socialist’s 2016 payday at roughly $1,052,000,” Seven Days reported.

And he actually made more, but it’s uncertain how much more:

“In addition to his take-home pay, publisher St. Martin’s Press paid all expenses on Sanders’ national book tour last November and December, which took him to 12 states and the District of Columbia. Disclosure of the total was not required, and Sanders did not provide it.”

“Then there’s a batch of retirement mutual funds held in the name of his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders,” the Seven Days piece states, adding that while “it’s impossible to ascertain the exact value of the retirement funds, but they are worth somewhere between $192,000 and $815,000.”

In the “liabilities” category, Sanders reports he has two mortgages — one worth between $250,001 and $500,000, the other worth between $100,001 and $250,000.

“Sanders’ most infamous real estate transaction — his 2016 purchase of a $575,000 lakefront home in North Hero — has been concealed behind an entity named the Islands Family Trust,” Seven Days reported. “In his Senate filing, Sanders discloses that he is “a co-trustee in a family trust created when we bought a summer home.”

Even with all these financial facts, there could be more to learn if Sanders released his tax returns, which he did not.

“During his 2016 presidential campaign, Sanders released only a summary of his 2014 tax return. As the fact-checking website PolitiFact noted, of all the candidates for president last year, ‘Sanders’ releases are less extensive than anybody’s but Donald Trump.’”

In an April article published by Newsweek entitled “Bernie Sanders Mocks Greedy Rich People, Is Also Rich,” the news about his summer home purchase was reported.

“Sanders and his wife, Jane, recently bought a summer home in Vermont on Lake Champlain to add to their houses in D.C. and Burlington, Vermont,” Newsweek reported. “Local magazine Seven Days reported in August the Sanders family paid about $600,000 for the lakefront home in North Hero, Vermont.

“We’ve traveled up to the islands many times over the years—almost always on day trips,” Jane O’Meara Sanders said about the summer home purchase. “We’ve been impressed with the North Hero community, eaten at the North Hero House and Shore Acres and have suggested them to friends who were looking for a beautiful place to stay or have dinner.

“St. Anne’s Shrine in Isle La Motte is my favorite church and it is nearby,” O’Meara Sanders said.


Socialism and Human Misery

How anyone with a modicum of knowledge regarding the political history of the world can champion socialism, unless they believe they will be the one with the power, is beyond me.  Socialism leaves nothing but human misery in it’s wake, and often it’s implementation.  The apologists always seem to have an excuse why socialism didn’t work in a particular instance, they never can connect the dots and understand that socialism is simply a failed political ideology.  I have been watching Venezuela for years with their dissent into chaos and blood shed.  History repeats itself!

From lifezette.com by Kathryn Blackhurst updated 5/21/2017 entitled, “Media Yawn at Venezuela’s Spiraling, Socialist Nightmare“:

Study finds ABC, CBS, NBC barely cover left-wing catastrophe, avoid word ‘socialism’

Out of approximately 50,000 total evening news stories on ABC, CBS and NBC combined in the last four years, just 25 have covered the ongoing crisis in socialist Venezuela, according to a Media Research Center study published Tuesday.

After Venezuela’s former socialist president, Hugo Chávez, passed away in March 2013, the country has spiraled into economic disaster and civil chaos. So far in 2017, more than 50 Venezuelans have been killed during protests against current Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his socialist policies. Many Venezuelans are starving due to shortages of food and other essentials. The country’s inflation rate is set to surpass 700 percent and 25 percent of Venezuelans will be unemployed.

“The few times they have managed to cover the widespread poverty, starvation, and government oppression … they somehow find ways to do that without [saying] the word ‘socialism.’”

“Yet the Big Three evening newscasts have tried to pretend this crisis does not exist, offering virtually no coverage as the situation has deteriorated over the past four years,” MRC Research Analyst Mike Ciandella wrote.

“The networks have also been reluctant to attach the ‘socialist’ label to Venezuela’s government, and have utterly failed to criticize liberal politicians and celebrities who have praised the Chávez and Maduro regimes,” Ciandella added.

Indeed, out of the 50,000 total evening news stories on the three networks, just 25 covered Venezuela, and only seven mentioned “socialism.” In addition, NBC Nightly News only broadcast 13 stories spanning 16 minutes and 54 seconds, ABC’s World News only covered 8 minutes and 34 seconds over seven stories, and CBS Evening News only offered 3 minutes and 11 seconds over five stories.

“The network evening news programs seem allergic to reporting on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela,” Ciandella told LifeZette in an email. “Even worse, the few times they have managed to cover the widespread poverty, starvation and government oppression in that country, they somehow find ways to do that without mentioning the word ‘socialism.’”

Ciandella noted that the three networks aired no stories when Maduro took advantage of a countrywide power outage to stamp out as much opposition as he could in September 2013. When Maduro used the powers he gave himself to rule the country in a state of “emergency” that superseded the National Assembly’s voice, the media networks were silent.

After the anti-socialists elected a majority to the National Assembly in December 2015 and Maduro’s loyalist Supreme Court decided to strip the Assembly of its power on May 18, the media yawned.

On occasion, one of the three major news networks will drop a rare mention of the word “socialism” in connection with the Venezuela crisis in its coverage. As MRC noted, one of those exceptions was correspondent Jacob Rascon on April 20’s NBC Nightly News.

“The Venezuelan economy has been in freefall for years … protesters blamed President Nicolas Maduro and his socialist government,” Rascon said.

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley offered another exception on May 4, when he said, “Running battles continue in Venezuela’s capital. They broke out a month ago when the socialist president tried to grab more power. At least 37 have been killed.”

But all too often, the media turn a blind eye to the atrocities and tragedies that fester in Venezuela, along with the root causes underlying them.

“In fact, ABC’s ‘World News Tonight’ hasn’t mentioned the words ‘socialism’ or ‘socialist’ in connection with Venezuela even once since Chávez’s death in 2013,” Ciandella told LifeZette. “This is completely inexcusable. The networks seem intent on distancing the socialism of the Chávez and Maduro regimes with the idealistic socialism of Bernie Sanders and liberal academia.”

The socialism that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and many Hollywood celebrities champion appeals — in theory — to many U.S. college students and struggling young adults.

“I often say only half-jokingly to students on college campuses who are all in with Bernie Sanders that if they think socialism is such a wonderful economic model: How about a one-way ticket to Caracas?” Stephen Moore, an economic policy analyst and Distinguished Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, wrote of Venezuela’s capitol in a Washington Times op-ed published May 21.

“You’d be a fool to go there today. Venezuela is a human-rights crisis of epic proportions, with mass hunger, mass poverty, despair, ghetto upon ghetto, and a mass exodus of private businesses and anyone with money,” Moore added.

“The burgeoning resistance throws Molotov cocktails, rocks, and even human feces at the security forces during the nonstop rioting. ‘I don’t fear death because this life is crap,’ one protester told the WSJ,” Moore added. “It turns out that ‘share the wealth’ eventually means there is no wealth, and the egalitarian dream means everyone becomes equally poor. Venezuela is on its way to becoming the next North Korea.”

Socialists, TURDs

Socialism Is An Immoral System

This article was written by Bob Livingston and originally published at Personal Liberty Digest

The American economic system, and in fact the world’s economic system is failing, and that failure is being attributed by many on the left (and some on the right) as a failure of capitalism.

This false notion has given rise to Bernie Sanders and his preaching of social democracy. How has this happened?

Every writer and every commentator and every politician in America refers to the U.S. as a democracy of free enterprise capitalism with individual privacy and property rights. This is a big laugh to any sober person.

The system and its paid politicians still repeat high-sounding terms like “freedom of the individual” and “free enterprise,” which sedates the madding crowd. The terms “private” and “freedom” no longer mean what they once meant. They are cruel deceptions that fool the mind yearning for human freedom.

The fact is that in America we have massive regulation and regimentation. This is necessary, we are told, because it is “in the public interest.” It all spews forth out of “democracy” as if a Biblical word and a holy sanction. Terms like “public interest” and “common good” are code words that mean police state and reduced liberty.

We live in a fiction of freedom perpetuated with semantic corruption that has evolved us into economic fascism. Language and words that support a free society have been turned inside out.

With this propaganda reverse, opposition has been neutralized. True words, true meanings of patriotism and freedom have become the farce and illusion that cover fascism.

So Sanders has attracted the millennials in droves based on the lie that capitalism is immoral but his brand of socialism is moral because it guarantees “equality.” These millennials tweet or blog their discontent with the present system on their Iphones and Androids and computers created by capitalists who got rich and then became crony capitalist socialists or fascists.

But Sanders doesn’t distinguish between monopoly or crony capitalism and true free-market capitalism. Free market capitalism hasn’t existed in the U.S., or much of anywhere else for that matter, in more than 100 years. So capitalism hasn’t failed and isn’t failing.

There is a silent marriage between big government and big business. It exists around the world. It’s called fascism, or was in Italy, though we have the same thing.

All governments are fronts for monopoly capitalism, and monopoly capitalism has many names: fascism, socialism, communism and democracy. Big business has and will promote every ideology and philosophy known to man to disguise its madness for profits. But one equals the other. They are all immoral systems that use the power of government to exist and to suppress human freedom.

The only moral system is laissez-faire capitalism; the system in which transactions between private parties are free from government interference. It was American free market capitalism that fueled the growth of the U.S. economic engine beginning in the 1800s and raised the standard of living around the globe, before monopoly capitalism began to exert greater and greater control over the U.S. economic system beginning in the mid-1800s and accelerated after the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Sadly, it’s not just the progressive left and ignorant millennials that oppose free market capitalism. In any discussion forum where laissez-faire capitalism is discussed, “conservatives” are quick to make the disclaimer that “we must have some regulation” or, “we can’t haveunfettered capitalism.” In truth, most so-called conservatives are really closet socialists. This is a testament to the powerful propaganda we are subjected to.

In 1993, C. Bradley Thompson, then assistant professor of political science at Ashland University, described the immorality of socialism and the morality of capitalism as well as anyone I’ve read. This should be shared with anyone you know – particularly young people who are victims of the public (non)education system — who has bought the lie that capitalism is a failed system and has embraced conventional wisdom and Sanders’ false paradigm:

Socialism vs. capitalism: Which is the moral system?

Throughout history there have been two basic forms of social organization: collectivism and individualism. In the twentieth-century collectivism has taken many forms: socialism, fascism, Nazism, welfare-statism and communism are its more notable variations. The only social system commensurate with individualism is laissez-faire capitalism.

The extraordinary level of material prosperity achieved by the capitalist system over the course of the last two-hundred years is a matter of historical record. But very few people are willing to defend capitalism as morally uplifting.

It is fashionable among college professors, journalists, and politicians these days to sneer at the free-enterprise system. They tell us that capitalism is base, callous, exploitative, dehumanizing, alienating, and ultimately enslaving.

The intellectuals’ mantra runs something like this: In theory socialism is the morally superior social system despite its dismal record of failure in the real world. Capitalism, by contrast, is a morally bankrupt system despite the extraordinary prosperity it has created. In other words, capitalism at best, can only be defended on pragmatic grounds. We tolerate it because it works.

Under socialism a ruling class of intellectuals, bureaucrats and social planners decide what people want or what is good for society and then use the coercive power of the State to regulate, tax, and redistribute the wealth of those who work for a living. In other words, socialism is a form of legalized theft.

The morality of socialism can be summed-up in two words: envy and self-sacrifice. Envy is the desire to not only possess another’s wealth but also the desire to see another’s wealth lowered to the level of one’s own. Socialism’s teaching on self-sacrifice was nicely summarized by two of its greatest defenders, Hermann Goering and Benito Mussolini. The highest principle of Nazism (National Socialism), said Goering, is: “Common good comes before private good.” Fascism, said Mussolini, is “a life in which the individual, through the sacrifice of his own private interests… realizes that completely spiritual existence in which his value as a man lies.”

Socialism is the social system which institutionalizes envy and self-sacrifice: It is the social system which uses compulsion and the organized violence of the State to expropriate wealth from the producer class for its redistribution to the parasitical class.

Despite the intellectuals’ psychotic hatred of capitalism, it is the only moral and just social system.

Capitalism is the only moral system because it requires human beings to deal with one another as traders — that is, as free moral agents trading and selling goods and services on the basis of mutual consent.

Capitalism is the only just system because the sole criterion that determines the value of a thing exchanged is the free, voluntary, universal judgment of the consumer. Coercion and fraud are anathema to the free-market system.

It is both moral and just because the degree to which man rises or falls in society is determined by the degree to which he uses his mind. Capitalism is the only social system that rewards merit, ability and achievement, regardless of one’s birth or station in life.

Yes, there are winners and losers in capitalism. The winners are those who are honest, industrious, thoughtful, prudent, frugal, responsible, disciplined, and efficient. The losers are those who are shiftless, lazy, imprudent, extravagant, negligent, impractical, and inefficient.

Capitalism is the only social system that rewards virtue and punishes vice. This applies to both the business executive and the carpenter, the lawyer and the factory worker.

But how does the entrepreneurial mind work? Have you ever wondered about the mental processes of the men and women who invented penicillin, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the radio, the electric light, canned food, air conditioning, washing machines, dishwashers, computers, etc.?

What are the characteristics of the entrepreneur? The entrepreneur is that man or woman with unlimited drive, initiative, insight, energy, daring creativity, optimism and ingenuity. The entrepreneur is the man who sees in every field a potential garden, in every seed an apple. Wealth starts with ideas in people’s heads.

The entrepreneur is therefore above all else a man of the mind. The entrepreneur is the man who is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the material or spiritual lives of the greatest number of people.

And what are the social and political conditions which encourage or inhibit the entrepreneurial mind? The free-enterprise system is not possible without the sanctity of private property, the freedom of contract, free trade and the rule of law.

But the one thing that the entrepreneur values over all others is freedom — the freedom to experiment, invent and produce. The one thing that the entrepreneur dreads is government intervention. Government taxation and regulation are the means by which social planners punish and restrict the man or woman of ideas.

Welfare, regulations, taxes, tariffs, minimum-wage laws are all immoral because they use the coercive power of the state to organize human choice and action; they’re immoral because they inhibit or deny the freedom to choose how we live our lives; they’re immoral because they deny our right to live as autonomous moral agents; and they’re immoral because they deny our essential humanity. If you think this is hyperbole, stop paying your taxes for a year or two and see what happens.

The requirements for success in a free society demand that ordinary citizens order their lives in accordance with certain virtues — namely, rationality, independence, industriousness, prudence, frugality, etc. In a free capitalist society individuals must choose for themselves how they will order their lives and the values they will pursue. Under socialism, most of life’s decisions are made for you.

Both socialism and capitalism have incentive programs. Under socialism there are built-in incentives to shirk responsibility. There is no reason to work harder than anyone else because the rewards are shared and therefore minimal to the hard-working individual; indeed, the incentive is to work less than others because the immediate loss is shared and therefore minimal to the slacker.

Under capitalism, the incentive is to work harder because each producer will receive the total value of his production — the rewards are not shared. Simply put: socialism rewards sloth and penalizes hard work while capitalism rewards hard work and penalizes sloth.

According to socialist doctrine, there is a limited amount of wealth in the world that must be divided equally between all citizens. One person’s gain under such a system is another’s loss.

According to the capitalist teaching, wealth has an unlimited growth potential and the fruits of one’s labor should be retained in whole by the producer. But unlike socialism, one person’s gain is everybody’s gain in the capitalist system. Wealth is distributed unequally but the ship of wealth rises for everyone.

Sadly, America is no longer a capitalist nation. We live under what is more properly called a mixed economy — that is, an economic system that permits private property, but only at the discretion of government planners. A little bit of capitalism and a little bit of socialism.

When government redistributes wealth through taxation, when it attempts to control and regulate business production and trade, who are the winners and losers? Under this kind of economy the winners and losers are reversed: the winners are those who scream the loudest for a handout and the losers are those quiet citizens who work hard and pay their taxes.

As a consequence of our sixty-year experiment with a mixed economy and the welfare state, America has created two new classes of citizens. The first is a debased class of dependents whose means of survival is contingent upon the forced expropriation of wealth from working citizens by a professional class of government social planners. The forgotten man and woman in all of this is the quiet, hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying citizen who minds his or her own business but is forced to work for the government and their serfs.

The return of capitalism will not happen until there is a moral revolution in this country. We must rediscover and then teach our young the virtues associated with being free and independent citizens. Then and only then, will there be social justice in America.

To Sanders’ Supporters: Subjugated by Socialism?

To Sanders’ Supporters: Subjugated by Socialism?

Posted On Apr 25 2016

Gray people living in gray houses having gray lives and gray destinations… Socialism is based on mediocrity. Anyone who excels, anyone with aspirations and individuality, anyone who dares challenge the order and demonstrates ability – is not welcome. Left-forward, march! Sing the International and be happy in the herd!

You can see this still, anywhere socialism is extant: China, for instance. Chinese students coming to the United States are devoid of imagination. They excel in math and memorization, but give them an essay topic – and they are like a stranded seaman on a raft without a paddle or sail. They sail with the wind.

Socialism is founded on conformity. It subjugates character and individuality, shaves off sharp edges and disciplines you whenever you diverge, refusing to toe the line. When I was in kindergarten, they used to take us out for a walk. We had a rope with regular knots on it and we had to hold the rope, arranged in pairs like little soldiers. We were not allowed to run or scatter. In high school, we all had military drill exercises in PE classes: turns, salutes, or simply standing in line – all in regular, precise order.

Perhaps that is what is needed when people do not appreciate their freedom? Perhaps, there is too much liberty in our modern capitalist world and people do not appreciate it? Perhaps, we all long for order and want to be drilled and commanded?

Our Founding Fathers gave US a Republic: the response is attributed to Ben Franklin at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. Dr. James McHenry’s notes read: “A lady asked Dr. Franklin: ‘Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy.’ – ‘A republic,’ replied the Doctor ‘if you can keep it.’”

Indeed – our Freedom, if we can keep it!

The magnitude of Sanders’ supporters is truly astounding. They will argue that capitalism is evil – or at least so imperfect that we need socialism, or “more socialism.” They are persuaded that “we already have socialism” and point at the social security and Medicare as examples. Those government instituted redistribution plans have nothing to do with socialism though. They could not exist in socialism, because socialism takes from everyone and allots everyone the same: there is one plan for everybody. It is inconceivable to sue and get paid when injured, because government is the only insurer and you cannot sue the socialist government.

Plans like Medicare and social security are the advantages of market economy: hospitals and insurance companies still compete, although under the umbrella of state & federal governments. Some regulation is good, but not when it concerns the outcome or distribution. You can regulate where the crash barriers are, where the sidelines will be and where the goalposts are. You cannot regulate everything along one white line pole-to-pole – not unless you want to turn the whole state into a prison.

Imprisoned minds, imprisoned bodies. Socialists do not build walls to keep people out – but to keep them in. As someone who was arrested crossing the border to the Free World, strip-searched, cross-interrogated while machine guns were pointed at me in cross-lights of two lamps in an underground bunker by two KGB super-rats, subsequently jailed and publicly reprimanded, I have stories to tell…

To those who want more socialism, I would say: there is no perfect system or political arrangement. The best system is such which provides for most freedom, competition, self-determination and self-reliance. It is not socialism in any of its forms. Liberal democracy is not socialism. Democratic socialism is socialism. Social democracy is a term misapplied to liberal democracy by Sanders and other fanatics who want to mislead you. Social democracy is “social” only to the extent to which it is “liberal” and representative. Representative democracy may be called social democracy, but never democratic socialism. The latter is an oxymoron, because there is nothing democratic about socialism. Socialism is a system of government redistribution of everything: from your personal property to how much you are allowed to learn, to your healthcare.

Recently, I have been scornfully asked by a “Bernie” supporter who accidentally crossed my path: “What do you base it on? Yourself? Ha-ha!” Well, yes, my experience. What more do you want than the experience of someone who knows, who has been there? If you will not read the Animal Farm, 1984, Hayek and others… at least, pray to God, listen to someone who means well and knows better.

Socialism starts by instructing you what to say and when. You may not say anything against the Party. The next step is to make everybody belong to the Party, to “turn them.” Most will do it out of “free will,” because it will provide them with a more secure job, a position in a government agency or organization which depends on the system. Next, all opposition must be ridiculed and restricted, forced onto the Right Path. If they resist, they will suffer under the pressure of government Agencies: properties over $1mil must belong to the State or some larger cooperative under the state, taxes on everything which endangers the Party, for instance guns, corporate mergers, foreign imports which undermine “domestic” companies (those in close cahoots with the Party). You see, underground economy, bribes and corruption will be all that is left from free market under socialism…

The greatest paradox is that people will follow the idealist panderer to the grave – and beyond – with hope and trust that they are doing it to better humankind and make everyone better off, somehow more equal and fair and just… They call it “social justice,” but it is, in fact, “socialist justice.” In capitalism, people give freely for charitable causes which the market (market is people) determines worthy of support. In socialism, government gives equally to all causes it deems politically expedient. In capitalism, you may achieve true greatness, which is reflected by the appreciation of other people in your income and living standard. In socialism, only the Party is great; individuals have the same “equal” “social” value, thus they all deserve the same and will be allotted the same.

When Sanders calls for taxing Wall Street and that “Wall Street” will pay for everything – and his supporters blindly repeat it – they do not pause to think: What is Wall Street? A street? A corporation? What is it? Wall Street is a figure of speech, which refers to all US financial markets, similar to when we say Hollywood and we refer to the film industry. When Sanders says “Wall Street will pay for your college,” he is saying “U.S. financial markets will pay.” This means the free market economy will be taxed – every transaction on every good, every stock purchase or sale. Your parents and family who own stocks will own nothing, because it will all be “used by the government.” The goods will have to be more expensive because all companies will be taxed not twice (currently 40%) but three times: the government will determine the “final tax” or “value added tax” – the value? You may get something in the end, if you still want to go to college. But why would you, if everyone is paid the same and your job is secured – because everything is in some way tied to the Party and the Government? Go back to your gray house and be happy in your gray existence, you, gray mouse of socialism!

I am not making this up. I have been there before – and I ain’t going back!