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Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz Now Termed ‘Enemies’ by Paul ‘RINOTURD’ Ryan

Thank you Senators Cotton and Cruz.  The enemy of our enemy is our friend.  You guys must be doing something right!

From breitbart.com dated 03/23/2017 by Katie McHugh entitled, “Paul Ryan Compares Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz to Enemies”:

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Wednesday, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan implied Sen. Tom Cotton and  Sen. Ted Cruz are “enemies” where the healthcare bill to replace Obamacare is concerned.

Ryan believed the bill could be on the president’s desk by Easter.

“[D]o you expect … assuming that they get you the bill back for the week of April the third, do you expect a vote the week of April the third on the final?” Hewitt asked Ryan.

“Absolutely,” Ryan assured Hewitt repeatedly.

“We will repeal and replace Obamacare by Easter?” Hewitt pressed him.

“Yeah, that has always been our plan.” He added, “The president asked us to put this on his desk before Easter, and we’re going to keep the commitment to him,” Ryan replied.

Hewitt later played clips of Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton saying on his show, “Hugh, there is no three-phase process. There is no three-step plan. That is just political talk. It’s just politicians engaging in spin.”

He also played a clip of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz dismissing “phase three”: “I’ve called bucket three the sucker’s bucket.”

“Okay, so Speaker Ryan, these are your friends,” Hewitt said to Ryan.

“Yes, they are,” Ryan replied. “And with friends like that, who needs, you know, you know the rest of the sentence.”

The vote for the Obamacare 2.0 bill takes place on Thursday in the House, and House GOP leadership claims it has the votes to pass the bill to the Senate.

This vote, last I heard has been cancelled for today.

Ted Cruz, TURD Defends Carly Fiorina’s Outsourcing Record!

So much for Cruz defending the American worker.  Vote Cruz at the peril of YOUR job.

Ted Cruz Defends Carly Fiorina’s Outsourcing Record

On Fox News Sunday, found himself on the defense, explaining what his VP pick of Carly Fiorina signals for his campaign’s views on outsourcing.

Fox News host Chris Wallace pressed Cruz about his decision to appoint Fiorina as his running mate hopeful given her business record of laying off some 33,000 workers and aggressively outsourcing U.S. jobs while she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

“Outsourcing is a big issue in Indiana,” Wallace said. “The company that controls Carrier Air Conditioning has announced they’re going to ship 2100 jobs from Indiana to Mexico. But Fiorina has a record as head of Hewlett Packard laying off 30,000 people and outsourcing many of those jobs to India and China. So I guess the question is: Will the Cruz-Fiorina team do the same thing to Indiana that she did to Hewlett-Packard?”

Cruz laughed and said, “Carly has an incredible business record and an incredible personal story.”

Cruz then proceeded to defend Fiorina’s business record, declaring: “She helped HP become the largest technology company in the world, achieved remarkable success. Many of those jobs, by the way, were transferred from one state to another within the United States.”

However, Cruz’s assertion that the jobs Fiorina cut were simply “transferred from one state to another within the United States” seems contradicted by multiple reports, fact-checks, and even Hewlett-Packard’s website itself.

Since leaving HP, Fiorina has repeatedly sought to defend her record with similar declarations. During her 2010 failed Senate run in California, Fiorina said, “We also added jobs in this country. Those are just the facts. And if you go into the proxy statements and track it, you’ll see that.”

At the time, a 2010 Los Angeles Times report examined those statements and sought to determine whether Fiorina’s claim was true. The L.A. Times report found that Fiorina’s claim was misleading and seemed to depend upon calculating worldwide employment growth, rather than U.S. employment growth, which actually dropped under Fiorina’s tenure.

The L.A. Times wrote:

When asked if she could document her claim that HP increased the number of jobs in the U.S. during her tenure, Fiorina’s campaign sent two news clips. One was an Associated Press account from May 30, 2002, which said “Palo Alto-based HP has 74,000 U.S, employees and 150,000 overall.” A news report from 2006 said HP had 80,000 U.S. workers.

But on Feb. 13, 2004, in her Wall Street Journal essay, Fiorina had written, “[W]e have 60,000 workers here.” Thus, between May 2002 and February 2004, the number of HP’s U.S.- based employees had dropped by nearly 20%.

“I would say she has created a lot of jobs,” said veteran Hewlett-Packard engineer Dan Dove, 55, who has worked at the company’s Roseville, Calif., site since 1980. “But they are not in the United States.”

Indeed, as Hewlett-Packard states on its own website, “most of our employment growth” is “outside the United States”:

Our workforce is divided almost evenly among three regions: the Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). With most of our employment growth outside the United States, a diverse workforce is essential, as it promotes creativity and innovation while helping HP reflect the values and demographics of customers wherever we do business.

Recent reports note that another gimmick Fiorina relies upon to puff up HP’s employment growth during her tenure is to count job growth incurred by company acquisitions.

“We saved 80,000 jobs, went on to grow to 160,000 jobs. And now Hewlett-Packard is almost 300,000 jobs,” Fiorina said during a September GOP debate.

Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager Sarah Isgur Flores followed up, writing: “Carly saved 80,000 jobs and HP grew to 150,000 jobs by 2005.”

However, as ComputerWorld’s Patrick Thibodeau has explained:

What Fiorina didn’t note is that much of HP’s employment growth was through acquisitions. In 2001, HP acquired Compaq, adding 64,000 employees, and in 2008 it added EDS, gaining another 139,000. Whether these acquisitions were wise or successfully integrated is a matter for debate. But a more important issue may be whether HP still matters as a U.S. employer. Many of these jobs are overseas, and more may be heading there. HP doesn’t report its U.S. employment, and that’s a critical piece of data. If HP’s U.S. workforce is shrinking, while its overseas workforce expands, Fiorina may be forced to reshape how she talks about HP.

Fiorina’s record of outsourcing U.S. jobs may pose unique challenges to Sen. Cruz’s presidential campaign, which has already been mathematically eliminated from reaching 1,237 delegates.

During his Sunday Fox News appearance, Cruz attempted to argue that a Cruz-Fiorina administration would be better for bringing jobs back to America than would a President Donald Trump.

“When it comes to bringing jobs back to America, there could not be a clearer contrast between Carly and me on the one hand, and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the other,” Cruz said.

Fiorina’s business record of killing tens of thousands of U.S. jobs and sending them overseas could perhaps contradict that talking point. In 2004, Mrs. Fiorina wrote “when you build walls to protect your own workers, in the long run you end up hurting them.”

Similarly, although it has gone largely undiscussed in the mainstream media, Cruz has repeatedly expressed his opposition to imposing corrective measures that would keep companies in the United States. Indeed, in Sunday’s interview, Cruz attacked Trump’s proposal to tax Carrier if it were to try to move its jobs out of the country.

Cruz said:

It is a travesty that Carrier is pulling jobs out of Indiana and moving jobs to Mexico. But the reason they’re doing it is because of the Obama administration’s crushing taxes and crushing regulations. Now what is Donald Trump’s response to that? He says he’s going to punish Carrier. He’s going to use the power of the federal government to punish them… That’s the response of big government liberals… My approach is totally different. I understand what both Reagan and John F. Kennedy understood, which is when you cut taxes and reduce regulations, you see millions and millions of new jobs. So what I’m going to do is repeal Obamacare, reign in the regulators that are killing jobs.

However, steel and manufacturing plants closed across the U.S. for the last 40 years not because of Obamacare or regulations, but because of illict trading practices and foreign product dumping. The effects of these trading practices have been acutely felt in Indiana. As the Chicago Tribune reported in March of 2015, CEOs of U.S. Steel Corp, and other industry leaders have “described an influx of steel imports that are taking up an increasingly larger percentage of the market, causing industry layoffs in Northwest Indiana and across the country. They said today’s imports China, Turkey and South Korea have surpassed the amount dumped here in the late 1990s that resulted in the bankruptcies of major steel players.”

Interestingly, while Cruz cited Reagan in Sunday’s interview, Cruz did not mention the fact that as president, Ronald Reagan did not hesitate to impose duties, tariffs and other trade fairness measures to enforce trade rules — the same measures that Cruz now criticizes Trump for supporting.

Indeed, Reagan was harshly rebuked by so-called “free traders” for taking “protectionist” actions such as a 45 percent tariff on Japanese motorcycles to save the Harley-Davidson Motor Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. President Reagan also imposed a tariff of 100 percent on Japanese semiconductors.

In fact, in a blistering condemnation of former President Reagan, the “free trade” Cato Institute helpfully published a list of actions President Reagan took to protect American jobs and manufacturing. The analysis, published in 1988, described Reagan as “the most protectionist president since Herbert Hoover, the heavyweight champion of protectionists.”

Breitbart News recently reached out to Sen. Cruz and Ms. Fiorina’s campaign and asked, “How would a Cruz-Fiorina administration respond if a company tried to move offshore?” Breitbart also asked, “What actions would a Cruz-Fiorina administration take against China if they manipulate currency?”

Both Cruz and Fiorina’s campaigns failed to respond for comment.

There is Nothing More Politically Vulgar, Not Even Trump, Than the GOPe and the Way They Have Lied To and Stolen From the People and Subverted the U.S. Constitution

I have previously blogged regarding Cruz and his wife being in bed (figuratively) with the shrubs.  Prior to that I really wanted to like Cruz due to his demonstrated support of the 2nd Amendment and his supposed adherence to our Constitution.  But with Jeb Bush’s endorsement today it just further cements the relationship between Cruz and the GOP Establishment (GOPe).  I can confidently say that as I oppose the GOPe (I know and have seen what they have done to America) that I will never vote for Cruz.  Trump has his warts (again figuratively) but in my mind he is the better Republican candidate to turn American away from our slide into mediocrity promulgated, in part, by the GOPe.

Cruz No 5

Aside: I find it incredulous that Bernie got 80 percent of the Utah Democrat vote and Cruz received 69 percent of the Republican vote.  Kasich even out polled Trump 17 to 15 percent.  All I can say is thank God for Arizona!  It certainly reinforces in my mind that the average Utah voter is brain dead.  Rather than calling themselves Utahans it should be more akin to being Utards.  End Aside.

According to AP.org dated 3/23/2016 by Steve Peoples entitled, “Cruz Embraces Bush’s Endorsement, Says He Can Defeat Clinton“:

Ted Cruz embraced Jeb Bush’s endorsement on Wednesday and claimed he could build a broad coalition capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the fall – if only he can climb past the surging Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump.


Bush, the former Florida governor once considered a mainstream Republican powerhouse, dropped out of the contest in February after weak showings in early primaries. “Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has shown he can unite the party,” he tweeted. Bush added on his Facebook page that Republicans “must overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena” or risk losing to Clinton.


To my mind, there is nothing more vulgar than the GOPe and the way they have lied to and stolen from the people.  The only problem is that the people have been too complacent, this REVOLT against the GOPe should have taken place years ago!  It certainly is NOW or NEVER.

Republican Appeasers (These are U.S. President Aspirants?) Absolve Rioters, Blame Trump

This about cements it for me.  When Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich blame Trump for the rioters (hosted by MoveOn.org and others) behavior then they become part of the problem, not the solution and certainly  are NOT presidential material.  Rioters disrupting peaceful political rallies is stuff of third world socialist political thuggery.  Bernie and Clinton have a right to their rallies as does any candidate but when they and the Republican contenders side with those who would abscond with your 1st Amendment rights, it makes them part of the problem and TURDs.

Rubio and Kasich have shown themselves to be TURDs throughout the campaign but I was holding out for Cruz.  Sen. Mike Lee or no, Cruz is really going to have to do some fancy footwork to repair the damage, which he is unlikely to do.  Mike, it really looks like you are supporting the WRONG guy!

Pat Buchanan 1

Here is an excellent article by Pat Buchanan from wnd.com dated 3/12/2016 entitled, “REPUBLICAN WIMPS ABSOLVE THE RIOTERS“:

Friday evening’s Donald Trump rally in Chicago was broken up by a foul-mouthed mob that infiltrated the hall and forced the cancellation of the event to prevent violence and bloodshed.

Brownshirt tactics worked. The mob, triumphant, rejoiced.

And the reaction of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich?

All three Republican rivals blamed – Donald Trump.

With his “dangerous style of leadership,” Trump stokes this anger, mewed Rubio, “This is what happens when a leading presidential candidate goes around feeding into a narrative of bitterness and anger and frustration.”

Rubio implies that if Trump doesn’t tone down his remarks to pacify the rabble, he will be responsible for the violence visited upon him.

Kasich echoed Rubio: “Donald Trump has created a toxic environment (that) has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence.”

But were the thousands of Trump supporters who came out to cheer him that night really looking for a fight? Or were they exercising their right of peaceful assembly?

Cruz charged Trump with “creating an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord,” thus offering absolution to the mob.

Friday night cried out for moral clarity. What we got from Trump’s rivals was moral mush that called to mind JFK’s favorite quote from Dante: The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.

As news outlets have reported, Friday’s disruption at the University of Illinois-Chicago auditorium was a preplanned assault.

Behind it were the George Soros-funded MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Hispanics hoisting Mexican flags and cop-haters carrying filthy signs to show their contempt for police.

People for Bernie, a pro-Sanders outfit, tweeted, “[This] wasn’t just luck. It took organizers from dozens of organizations and thousands of people to pull off. Great work.”

Now, Sanders did not order this assault on the civil rights of Trump supporters. But MoveOn.org has endorsed him, and “Bernie” signs and T-shirts were everywhere among the disrupters. Hence, he has a duty to disavow this conduct and those who engaged in it.

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If Sanders refuses, he condones it, and is morally complicit.

Can one imagine how the media would pile on Trump if working-class white males in Trump T-shirts invaded a Hillary Clinton rally and shut it down?

Can one imagine how the networks and cable TV channels that host town halls with the candidates would react if hell-raisers sneaked into their audiences and shouted obscenities during discussions?

The keening over the First Amendment would not cease for weeks.

Some of us have been here before and know how this ends.

When the urban riots broke out in the ’60s, Hubert Humphrey declared that, if he lived in a ghetto, “I could lead a pretty good riot myself.”

At his 1968 convention in Chicago, radicals baited and provoked the cops in the front of the Conrad Hilton, and as this writer watched, their patience exhausted after days of abuse, Chicago’s finest tore into the mob and delivered some street justice.

“Richard Nixon,” wrote Hunter S. Thompson, “is living in the White House today because of what happened that night in Chicago.”

Hunter got that one right.

That fall, Humphrey was daily assailed by the kinds of haters now disrupting Trump rallies. Everywhere he went, they chanted, “Dump the Hump!” At times, Humphrey came close to tears.

That fall, Humphrey realized the monster he helped nurture.

My tormentors, he said, are “not just hecklers, but highly disciplined, well-organized agitators … some of them are anarchists, and some of these groups are destroying the Democratic Party and destroying this country.”

In 1970, when President Nixon sent U.S. troops into Cambodia to clean out Viet Cong sanctuaries, and students rioted, Ronald Reagan called them “cowardly fascists,” and declared, “If there’s going to be a bloodbath, let it begin here.”

Not much Cruz-Rubio-Kasich equivocating there.

When radicals stomped down Wall Street desecrating Old Glory, construction workers came down from the building sites they were working and whaled on them.

The ‘Stop Hillary’ campaign is on fire! Join the surging response to this theme: ‘Clinton for prosecution, not president’

Union president Peter J. Brennan was soon in the Oval Office – and in Nixon’s Cabinet. “Secretary Bunker,” we called him.

Prediction. Given their “victory” in Chicago, MoveOn.org and its allied nasties will try to replicate it, again and again. And as Americans came to despise the ’60s radicals, they will come to despise them.

And, as in the 1960s, the country will take a turn – to the right.

America has changed from the land we grew up in. But she is not yet ready to allow ugly mobs screaming obscenities at Trump and his folks inside and outside that hall in Chicago, or their paragons like socialist Bernie Sanders, to take over the country.

Those raising hell in the street in Chicago and that convention hall are unfit to be citizens of this democratic republic.

For as Edmund Burke reminded us, “Men of intemperate minds can never be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

Rubio, TURD and  Kasich, TURD.

Cruz, turd in training.

Here is Judge Andrew Napolitano, whose opinions I highly respect, with his take on the  above:

And then there is this from breitbart.com: Chicago Cop: Anti-Trump Mob More Aggressive and Destructive than Reported.

Ted Cruz, An Insider Quisling with Strong Ties to the ‘Shrubs’?

Damn!  Frankly I like much of what Cruz has done in the Senate and his standing up and being counted as a Constitutionalist (screw the meaningless Conservative title).  He supported the Second Amendment, he fought several budgets, and he seemed to be fighting the GOPe to mention a few things.  If this report from ‘The Daily Caller’ is true then Cruz has won himself a  double TURD award for he certainly had me going.  I mean, if you are going to vote R, then right now it’s either Trump or Cruz (that said I will likely vote Libertarian for Gary Johnson (assuming he is on the ballet)).  I had been agnostic, waiting to see what other rabbits were pulled out of the hat as the campaign develops.  This is eye opening for me.  I knew his connection to  G.W. Bush but did not understand it to be so deep.  Wow!

Ted Cruz 1

Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the Chinese government, (who plied him with Chinese prostitutes) has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can’t make this stuff up.

This endorsement says much. Since the other, more politically involved Bush men have a distinct dislike for Mr. Cruz, I suppose Neil Bush is better than no Bush. Let’s look at the wonderful memories that Neil Bush has left us with. First there is is that little banking charade he steered us into back in 1985.

Back in 1981, Neil Bush was director of Silverado Savings and Loan in Denver, Colorado. Neil was very generous, lending millions to pals Kenneth Good and William Walters. The $250 million in loans went into default, S.S. & L. went bankrupt and had to be seized by the Feds. Neil Bush walked away with a cool $100,000 personal loan which he never paid back. Documents released by the Office of Thrift Supervision detailed the conflict of interest charges against Neil. Federal regulators described him as “unqualified, and untrained” to be a director of a financial institution.

It seems Neil miscalculated just how much he knew about directing a mega financial institution like Silverado Savings and Loan. By the summer of 1990, the cost of bailing out the savings and loan industry would cost at least $500 billion! Neil’s Silverado adventure cost U.S. taxpayers $1.5 billion.

Neil actually got fraudulent loans they knew would fail, use the money to short the stock and crash the bank and collect millions according to CIA cut-out and Bush family associate Al Martin in his seminal work The Conspirators: The Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider.

Oh, and let’s not forget his lies to the press immediately after John Hinckley Jr. allegedly shot Ronald Reagan. At first he and his wife admitted to knowing the Hinckley family, that they donated a lot of money to the Bush endeavors … yet the next day he recanted and claimed he actually didn’t know them, and wasn’t even sure if they donated any money! In fact John Hinckley Sr. give heavily to George Bush Sr., in 1964, 1966, 1970 and 1980 and Neil and his wife were scheduled to dine with John Hinckley Jr.’s older brother the very night Jr. allegedly shot Reagan.

This is the same Neil Bush who was sent Asian prostitutes by the Chinese conglomerate that was using Neil to peddle influence to the U.S. government for a multi-billion dollar Semi-conductor deal, according to his own deposition.

The Bush-Cruz connection is clear. Ted was George W.’s brain when he ran for president. A top policy adviser, Ted maneuvered for Solicitor General in Bush World but settled for a plum at the Federal Trade Commission. Ted’s a Bush man with deep ties to the political and financial establishment. Ted and wife Heidi brag about being the first “Bush marriage” – they met as Bush staffers. Cruz was an adviser on legal affairs while Heidi was an adviser on economic policy and eventually director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council under Condoleezza Rice. Condi helped give us the phony war in Iraq. Heidi then went to the Bush U.S. Trade Representative as a top deputy to U.S. Trade Rep. Robert Zoellick, who wired Heidi’s membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and job at Goldman Sachs. The bailed-out bank then loaned Cruz $1 million secretly to finance his Senate race. Crux would also borrow an undisclosed $1 million loan from Citicorp.

Cruz has become quite adroit at saying one thing while his history shows him doing the other. Rather than the outsider he claims to be, Ted Cruz is the ultimate insider, former top Bush 41 policy aide and globalist, Ivy Leaguer, and establishment insider. There is no better example of this than Calgary Ted’s actions surrounding the big Wall Street banks and their secret funding of his political ascension. Oil and Gas Millions fund this guy Cruz has been gorging at the table of the ultimate insider of all insiders – Goldman Sachs and Citibank. His TPP support is the proof in the pudding.

Cruz and his establishment puppet masters are engaged in an aggressive strategy against Trump. The false narrative of course being that Cruz is the outsider while Trump is the insider. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In its most simplistic terms – the power elite have no leverage over Trump – nothing. Cruz, on the other hand, is the establishment’s quisling, spawned by the Bushes and controlled by Wall Street, who became a strident “outsider” only four years ago.

The investigation continues….